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Concepts of Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion - Essay Example

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Due to the prevalent situation around the Alberta rural area, I have decided to develop a proposal in order to help address the issue of poverty and health of the community. As a community nurse in the region, I closely monitored the health and poverty situation of the community members, and it is inferentially deteriorating…
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Concepts of Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion
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Download file to see previous pages The rate of unemployment has shot over 20% and theft incidences in the grocery store have markedly increased in the past year. As a community nurse, I also noted multiple signs of anemia, fatigue, and a high level of susceptibility to respiratory infections among members of families of various ages. Smoking is also prevalent in this community, which requires an urgent intervention. There are also concerns about diet adequacy and insufficient funding from the Social Services unable to meet their basic food needs. This requires sensitization and financial support to be accorded to the community. It is also certain that due to the distant urban center where large stores are located, the families cannot make it there to do their shopping and end up purchasing food items in the local stores where food prices are significantly higher. However, such families have accumulated huge debts in those stores and the owners, though sympathetic, cannot extend their customer’s credit lines. The community has also grown pessimistic about both the economic and unemployment situation in the community; however, some parents are still expecting things to turn around. These mentioned situations are demanding and as a community health nurse in the region, I have decided to work closely with the community to promote the situation in collaboration with the small group of local businessmen and farmers who have expressed their concern in developing a food bank to ensure needy families help each other. Therefore, this proposal seeks to integrate the concepts of primary health care, population health promotion, and health promotion in addressing the existing situation in the community. According to the World Health Organization, health promotion strategies can be applied to multiple population groups, diseases, risk factors, and other settings. This is because the strategies of health promotion are neither limited to a particular health related problem nor to a set of specific behaviors. As a community nurse in this case study, I advocate health promotion that will put emphasis on community education, food policy development, community development, and regulations and legislation which are vital in preventing high poverty levels as well as communicable and non-communicable diseases. Action needs to be taken in this community so as to improve the health of the people, especially those who have shown the signs of anemia, fatigue and respiratory infections. The health promotion strategies influence most of the underlying factors and those that determine the health of the community members. This approach is recognized by both health promotion and population health. As a nurse, I would work with the community in constructing a population health promotion model in order to develop strategies that would curb the deteriorating health status of the community. In reference to the population health promotion, the following action areas need to be addressed in order to curb the existing situation in the community: Building healthy public policy which ensures that all the public and private sectors are committed to health promoting situations Creating a supportive environment that recognizes the nature of the rapidly changing society Strengthening the community action in order to facilitate the ability of the community members to make decisions and set priorities on issues affecting their health Developing personal skills to impart knowledge and skills on community members that can help them meet their daily life challenges and make contributions to the society Reorienting health services in order to create systems focusing on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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