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Considering the circumstances and preliminary workup report, Ms A is likely to be suffering from iron deficiency anemia. …
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Iron Deficiency Anemia
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Download file to see previous pages Iron is the main component that makes up hemoglobin (the red pigments that give blood its red color). Other than giving the blood its color, hemoglobin is the main agent that transports oxygen from the lungs to various cells of a human body. Thus, low levels of iron in the blood means that the blood cannot transport sufficient oxygen to other part of the body. In normal condition iron absorption and assimilation is lower than other macro elements such as sodium. Iron deficiency results from loss of blood through severe hemorrhage resulting from injuries and menstruation in women. In such condition, the body loses iron at a rate that is above natural replenishment through dietary intake. According to the case study, Ms A is 26 years and hence she is at the height of her menstrual cycle. Possibly Ms A has never given birth and, therefore menstruation is the only major cause of blood loss from her body. The main factor supporting the diagnostic claim is her experience of dysmenorrheal. Dysmenorrheal is a throbbing pain on the lower abdomen caused by strong contraction of uterine muscles. The condition is associated with low levels of prostaglandin blood. Clearly, this shows that her body has low level of blood resulting from iron deficiency. Unlike other components that form the blood such as proteins and water, iron is less abundant in the body (Mody, Brown, Wechsler, 2003). ...
Both conditions results from low levels of blood a condition that is associated with iron deficiency. Thus, the patient is likely to be suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Case Study #2 Cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure are physiological conditions, which lower the heart pumping ability. This means that the heart cannot pump sufficient blood to meet the metabolic requirements of the body. Patients undergoing therapies and treatment for CHF condition require adequate care to enable them cope with their medication and lead a quality life. As a caregiver, I will purpose at identifying the best treatment plan for Mr. P and ensuring that he leads quality life. According to Mr. P’s background information, I will emphasis on lifestyle changes that are aimed at quality life. Thus, he will be required to adopt a new diet and a physical exercise routine. In addition, my approach will be aimed at empowering the patient into understanding their condition so that they can facilitate in improving their own health. I will also encourage his wife to contribute into the care-giving plan as a family caregiver. Treatment plan and rationale The patient will be required to undergo regular assessments for abnormal heart and lung sounds, blood pressure and pulses, skin temperature and oxygen saturation. This assessment will be aimed at ensuring that the patient is not at risk of acquiring other opportunistic conditions such as renal failure. Assessment of body temperature will provide information on accumulation of waste products in the bloodstream, which impairs oxygen intake and transportation. Assessing cardiac glucose will reduce cardiac workload hence minimize myocardial oxygen consumption. This assessment will facilitate dietary control and regular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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