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Organizational Change Plan- Part III - Essay Example

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Name: University: Abstract: Implementation of Electronic medical records in the organization will lead to increased patient satisfaction due to improved health care quality. The EMR will reduce medical errors such as diagnosis errors and drug prescription errors by enabling the physicians to instantly access huge volumes of patient data and information…
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Organizational Change Plan- Part III
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction Electronic Medical records (EMR) enable health institutions to manage medical and clinical data more efficiently, thus, improving the patient care (Laing, 2002, p. 41). Some of the benefits of implementation of EMR in health organizations include the easy access and retrieval of patient information, reduction in medical errors and improvement of the patient care delivery processes (Hakes & Wittington, 2005, p. 235). Some of the determinants of effectiveness of the implementation of the EMR include the quality of patient care delivered, the reduction in the operating costs in the organization related to patient information storage and retrieval, and the level of patient satisfaction with the health care (Laing, 2002, p. 43). The commitment and user-friendliness of the EMR to important stakeholders like the clinical staff and patients will also be utilized to access the effectiveness of the implementation of the change (Laing, 2002, p. 44). Another metric that will be utilized to access the effectiveness of the change is the degree of patient privacy and confidentiality protection. EMR will assist the clinical staff to access huge volumes of patient information in real time such as the laboratory tests, prior drug prescription and medical diagnosis. The quality, cost and satisfaction outcomes of the EMR change will have to be measured in order to ascertain the effectiveness of the organizational change. Some methods of measuring the costs of EMR include the systems maintenance costs, procurement costs and clinical staff training costs. The quality of the change can be measured through observation of the reduction in medical errors will be patient satisfaction outcomes will be measures through patient surveys and increase in patient numbers in the health organization (Laing, 2002, p. 43). Effectiveness of EMR Organizational Change Electronic medical records implementation will lead to improvement in patient care. The change will also lead to improvement in the patient satisfaction and reduction in costs of managing patient information. EMR will enable the clinical staff the access large amount of patient information from a central database, thus, improving the workflow efficiency in the health organization. The effectiveness of the EMR implementation will also be determined by the improved reputation of the health organization in the community and increase in the patient numbers. The effectiveness of the change will be also be determined by the improvement in patient safety and reduction in medical errors such as wrong diagnosis or unnecessary drug prescription to the patients (Hakes & Wittington, 2004, p. 237). The effectiveness of the change will also be determined by the reduction in billing errors and cost savings in clinical processes. Another determinant of the change is the degree of change acceptability by the workers which will be determined by the morale of clinical staff and ability to use the EMR in their work activities. The improvement in communication among the various departments in the health organization such as the laboratory, pharmacy and cardiology department will also determine the effectiveness of EMR implementation. Another determinant of the effectiveness will include the coordination of the patient care process from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Change Plan- Part III Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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