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Research on HIV - Assignment Example

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Nursing – Research on HIV Nursing – Research on HIV Chapter I – Introduction Background of the study The lack of education in rural areas has been related to severe social problems. The deterioration of the health of people living in rural areas is often the result of the lack of appropriate policies for supporting the educational needs of local people…
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Research on HIV
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Download file to see previous pages The refusal of HIV patients to face their illness is also another critical factor influencing the responses of people towards HIV patients and towards nurses being involved in the treatment of HIV. Statement of the Research Problem Current study focuses on the following research problem: Which has been the involvement of nurses in Mississippi delta in the treatment and the control of HIV among the local population. Purpose of the Study The study aims to show the potential value of nurses in controlling the expansion of HIV in Mississippi delta. At the same time, the study aims to show whether nurses can contribute in the improvement of treatment provided to people suffering from HIV. Other issues, such as the effectiveness of current policies would be tested using appropriate findings. Theoretical Framework The control of HIV in Mississippi delta, as also in other regions, is quite problematic mostly because local nurses are not able to face the needs of patients, who are continuously increased. Still, the measures taken by the state for the confrontation of HIV can be characterized as ineffective mostly because they do not refer to certain issues that are critical in terms of diseases’ expansion not only in Mississippi delta but also worldwide. ...
Another research has revealed that the expansion of HIV in the Southern regions of America is highly related to the lack of education in regard to the implications and the consequences of the particular disease (Sternberg & Gillum 2011). The rapid expansion of HIV in South America can be made clear through the following fact: in 2005 the rate of HIV expansion in Mississippi Delta has been found to be high, about 28.0 per 100,000 (Rural America 2012). It has been also proved that the problems related to the access in HIV treatment are higher in rural areas of Southern America, compared to other regions of the particular country (Rural America 2012). Research Questions The study aims to provide appropriate answers to the following questions: A) which has been the role of nurses in the control of the expansion of HIV in Mississippi delta? B) Which are the challenges that nurses working in the above region have to face when being involved in the treatment of HIV? C) Which are the current trends in regard to the control and the treatment of HIV in the specific region? D) Which are the key practices used by nurses in Mississippi delta for managing cases of patients suffering from HIV? Assumptions It has been made clear that nurses can highly affect the control of HIV in Mississippi delta. Moreover, nurses can contribute in the improvement of existing policies, related to the control of HIV, not only in Mississippi but also globally. The research developed for this paper has revealed that the treatment of HIV can have a series of implications that need to be taken into consideration before starting such plan. Significance of Study As already explained, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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