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On hiv in the miss delta - Research Paper Example

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HIV in the MISS Delta Name Institution Date HIV in the MISS Delta The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is still a big problem in the United States. This is a human complication that is brought by a significant drop in CD4 cells which protect the body against attacks (Ciambrone, 2003)…
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Research paper on hiv in the miss delta
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Download file to see previous pages Consequentially, the federal government has been instrumental in dealing with this situation. It has invested massive resources in treatment and research in finding a lasting cure (Mancoske and Smith, 2004). However, the epidemic continues to spread at a staggering rate. In controlling the situation, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) has been instrumental in focusing on the progress in fighting the pandemic. While focusing on the Mississippi delta, CDC conducted research on the prevalence of the epidemic in the area. It was found out that Mississippi is an area highly affected with HIV. To control the situation, most of the organizations that deal with HIV and AIDS have decided to focus their attention in this area. According to statistics conducted in Mississippi in 2011, there are more males that are affected than females. The statistics state that 69% of the population affected with HIV (Schneidewind, 2011). On the other hand, only 31% are females affected with HIV. This shows that the spread of HIV among males is more than half when compared to females. Attention in Mississippi has been drawn to assist in reduction of spread amongst males. This has been successful as many organizations have started educational centers to sensitize the population. This has been doing well as the spread of HIV has been recording a drop. In taking a closer look at the demographics, it is estimated that 72% of the people living with HIV are blacks who are not Hispanic. This is followed by 23% of whites who are not Hispanic. Hispanic and Asian people living with HIV are estimated at 2% each. The other percentage is spread across other races and ethnicities. In the recent research in 2011, it is believed that social factors are contributors in the spread of HIV (Schneidewind, 2011). Is it stated that the spread of HIV is rife in southern counties of Mississippi where people are living in mere squalor (Acton, 2012). According to recent statistics, it shows that counties that have the highest number of people affected with HIV are living in abject poverty. Statistics show that one in every five people live below the acceptable poverty line (Schneidewind, 2011). As such, a fifth of the population is earning far less income to sustain their lifestyle. Consequentially, there is a close connection between people living below the federal poverty line and the spread of HIV (Satcher, 2007). People that live below the federal poverty line are ten times more likely to have HIV than people that have a steady income and live above the poverty line. For instance, a household that earns less than $ 10, 000 in a year houses people that are more likely to have HIV as compared to families that earn over $ 50, 000 in a year. Similarly, the healthcare services in these regions are in deplorable state. The access to healthcare has been a hard task and people are likely to be affected by opportunistic diseases (Ciambrone, 2003). In controlling the situation, the federal government has ensured there is supply of more resources to these areas. Improvement of healthcare services has been instrumental in reducing the prevalence of HIV. In addition to this, unemployment plays a big role in the spread of HIV. It is estimated that the unemployment rate in Mississippi is at 10%. This increases the number of people that are prone to infections. Awareness is one of the factors that contribute to reduction in the spread of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper on Hiv in the Miss Delta Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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