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Debate: Euthanasia is a legitimate treatment option for people with a terminal illness - Essay Example

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Legitimacy of Euthanasia as a Treatment Option for Patients with Terminal Illness School Title Legitimacy of Euthanasia as a Treatment Option for Patients with Terminal Illness Introduction Euthanasia is one of the most debatable topics of social sciences in the present age…
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Debate: Euthanasia is a legitimate treatment option for people with a terminal illness
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Extract of sample "Debate: Euthanasia is a legitimate treatment option for people with a terminal illness"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, some patients suffer from terminal illness that is described as a disease for which there is no treatment or cure, and is likely to cause the patient’s death in near future. Often, patients in terminal illness have to bear a lot of pain. Terminal illness of the patients is no less painful for their family and friends who are emotionally attached with the patients. The subject of euthanasia raises several moral and ethical concerns (Aramesh and Shadi, 2007, p. 35). This lays the basis of the debate of legitimacy of giving a patient euthanasia in the state of terminal illness. Argument 1 Euthanasia for patients with terminal illness is legitimate as it relieves their pain For The state of terminal illness is undoubtedly painful. The patient knows that he/she is a burden not only upon his/her own self, but also upon his/her family and friends. This feeling makes the patients conscious and makes them feel guilty. The feeling of guilt adds to the pain, suffering, and trauma they are going through in the state of terminal illness, and they start hating themselves even more. The patients themselves want to get rid of such a life more than anybody else. They cannot wait for the death to approach them, and have a strong urge to die. Against Science is advancing continuously and at such a fast pace that procedures introduced today may be unheard of just a day before. Cures and treatments for more and more diseases are being found. The entire focus of the medical researchers and healthcare practitioners is to improve the patients’ experience. One cannot generalize that if the treatment or cure has not been found so far, it will never be found in the future as well. There is a possibility that the patient may be able to live longer by undergoing certain treatment. Besides, there are many blessings of life that people tend to overlook when they are in the state of terminal illness. In the terminal illness, one is so upset and mentally disturbed that one is not able to make informed decision in it. There are many unfinished businesses in the world that require the patients’ consideration that they tend to overlook while deciding for their death. Long story short, the patients might be remorseful for having chosen to die when they could have reverted back to a healthy life with the latest treatments and procedures, but it is too late to regret once euthanasia has been given. Argument 2 Patients with terminal illness are a burden on their family and friends For The family and friends have to pay the patients visit every now and then in order to provide them with company and spend most of their time with them as they are expected to die any time soon. Paying the patient these visits is emotionally, psychologically, and physically demanding for the family and friends as they have to make adjustments in their schedules in order to find time to meet the patient. Those who cannot make it to the hospital because of busy work schedule feel remorseful and thus cannot concentrate upon the work with a clear mind, and this lowers their efficiency, productivity, and quality of work. People cannot sleep properly because of this recurring thought that the patient might die while they are asleep. No rest means no work, and the family and friends have to work really hard to manage everything with the terminal illness of the patient. Against Agreed that paying the patient a visit frequently is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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