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Running Head: SCHIZOPHRENIC ASSESSMENT 1 Schizophrenic Assessment: Focus on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale Name Class Date Schizophrenic Assessment: Focus on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale Introduction There are a great number of tools that can be used to assess the condition and symptomatic state of a psychiatric patient…
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Schizophrenic Assessment: Focus on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
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Download file to see previous pages The validity of this test has been verified through a number of research studies and the tool has been expanded and improved over time. The test has been found to have been used in studies across time since it was created, thus supporting it as a valuable addition to the study of schizophrenia during the last half of the 20th century and into the millennia. The BPRS tool has been evaluated over sixty years of use, expanding upon its structure with developments that can be used in modern practice. Tools There are different, but common tools that can be used to assess someone suffering from schizophrenia or to do research on diagnostic experiences of the disorder. One of the most common tools used in research is the Research Diagnosis Criteria (RDC) which was created in 1975. Structured interview instruments include the Present State Examination (PSE) from 1970, the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (SADS), and the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV are all valued instruments for the diagnosis of schizophrenia (Lieberman, 2006). The DSM-IV-TR is the most common diagnostic tool that is used for coming to the conclusion that someone is afflicted with the disorder of schizophrenia (see Appendix 3). One of the longest existing and still used assessments from the 20th century, however, is that of the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale from 1962. The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale was developed in 1962 by John E Overall and Donald R, Gorham in order to support a rapid assessment for psychiatric patients. The original assessment had sixteen criteria questions that all can be answered through a seven point ordered ratings scale. The purpose of the assessment is to efficiently determine changes that occur through an economic means so that the assessment supplies the most information possible within a short time. The developers of the tool recommend that two interviewers be present during the interview to independently assess the patient so that the best possible observations can accompany the assessment (Overall & Gorham, 1962). Throughout the fifty years since the creation of the test it has evolved into both an eighteen and a twenty-four question tool through experimentation and evaluation with the instrument. The use of the BPRS tool was originally confined to the use of the psychiatrist as he or she evaluated the progress of their patient. In the last couple of decades, however, nurses have been given the responsibility on a more frequent basis to administer the tool for later evaluation by the doctor involved in the case. Barker (2004) discusses how the tool as it is used to monitor “the experience of psychosis, or the differential effects of treatment” has been more often handed to nurses in recent years with a recognition and stipulation for validity based upon the understanding and clinical skills of the interviewer, in this case the nurse, who must be thoroughly trained on its use (p. 251). Nurses have been using the tool for the past couple of decades through a modified version used for evaluation that can be translated and interpreted across several providers of medical care. The tool evaluates the symptoms so that they can be tracked by the medical team and the immediate position of the mental state of the patient can inform them on how to proceed with treatment. Through the 24 question ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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