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Professional Aspect of Care - Essay Example

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PROFESSIONAL ASPECT OF CARE Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Professional aspect of care It is crucial for nurses to develop effective communication skills to create good therapeutic relationships with patients. Nurses should communicate in a compassionate and respectful manner…
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Professional Aspect of Care
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Extract of sample "Professional Aspect of Care"

Download file to see previous pages This will enable the nurses to practice autonomously and be accountable for the health care practices to ensure they respect dignity and human rights. Professional nurses must meet the physical and mental health needs of all the patients regardless of their ages, races, and ethnicity. They must meet patients’ needs in all settings that include homes, health centers, and communities. Professionally, nurses have to be caregivers, patient advocates, councilors, leaders, managers, teachers, and coordinators (Dawoud & Maben 2008 p. 1). As caregivers, nurses have to understand the patients’ needs through communication for him or her to support them emotionally through their attitudes and actions. Care giving also involves performance of health care activities that patients cannot do autonomously. Nurses should not only demonstrate physical professional care, but they should also develop close emotional relationships with patients through communication. The contemporary care-giving role entails knowing that patients feel insecure by communicating with them. Indeed, such feeling may threaten their ability to cope. The role requires empathy, which makes the nurses to be aware of the individuals’ emotional state and need for support (National Quality Board 2012). Teaching is also part of nurses’ profession that is vital in the current health care arena because it enhances communication. Nurses give information to patients according to their health care needs (Nicol &O’Caroll 2007 p. 3). For example, the information that nurses should communicate to patients entail explanation of the procedures involved in diagnosis processes and self-administration of medications. Additionally, nurses should teach the patients how to manage wound care, and the restorative exercises such as the ones done after mastectomy. While educating the patients regarding the health care practices, nurses have to give patients the chances to make choices concerning the issues affecting their health through appropriate communication (Dawoud & Maben 2008 p. 1). They should not force or give advice to the patients about any treatment decisions. They should only give them the potential alternatives and support their decisions. Furthermore, nurses should participate in creating awareness to the communities about the health care issues. While creating awareness they have to build effective relationships with clients through communication. In addition, they should encourage them to join community groups that offer financial and emotional support (Royal College of Nursing, 2012 p. 1). Professional nurses are also coordinators in any health care settings. For example, nurses who manage care should coordinate with the one who delegates care through communication processes (Westrick &Dempski 2009 p. 23). Additionally, nurses have to coordinate with doctors to develop a good relationship between them. This coordination is vital in health care units because doctors depend on nurses in obtaining most of the patients’ information. Acquiring important information from nurses reduces the occurrence of medical errors that risks the patients’ lives (Carvalho, Reeves & Orford 2007 p. 29). Nurses should also be counselors for them to develop effective therapeutic relationships. As counselors, nurses have to communicate effectively with patients to make them develop positive feeling and behaviors in the health care settings. Counseling is vital when nurses are offering the potential alt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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