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Learning Experience Plan - Essay Example

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Learning experience plan Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Learning experience plan Location of my learning experience center For my learning experience I chose a nursing home and a rehabilitation center. The medical facility is known as Four Seasons Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center…
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Learning Experience Plan
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Download file to see previous pages In my case, I needed an experience from operating in a nursing home. From the course I have the goal to achieve as much information and expertise as possible and create in myself a good nurse instructor. This learning experience will provide me the opportunity to apply my scholarly experience in a professional environment. My mentor gave me an overall goal of knowing how to relate to both my students and patients. Apart from this learning experience I have a future goal of operating in a renowned nursing educating institution. This goal will be given more professional support by the expertise I will gain from the learning experience. I will also aim to acquire the required skills and create a generation of skilled nurses from my class. At the end of 16 to 24 hours learning experience I will be able to acquire efficient tutoring schools from my instructor. As a nursing educator student I will be required to learn more than just acquiring medical information. I will be needed to acquire tactics and skills to deliver lectures to student. At the end of the 16 to 24 hours learning experience I will be able to know more about the learning objectives in question. In my case, I chose ventilation pneumonia and congestive heart failure. I will be able to have the required medication and nursing tips when it comes to deal with patients diagnosed with the illnesses. An interview with my instructor pointed out my expectation from scholarships and teaching. From the scholarship expectations, I will be required to have acquired skills to enhance my career as nursing educator. To ensure I have attained these skills, I will be given a couple to tutoring classes to test my expertise and skills. Scholarships required a mandatory adherence to the 16 to 24 hours learning schedule which must be translated in writing. For the teaching and service expectations, the instructor pointed out that I had to provide educational roles to other learners in the facility. This will not only enhance the learning skills in the nursing home but will also sharpen my skills as an educator. My instructor also had to relate the works of their nursing staff to our learning experience. Objectives for core measures protocol for congestive heart failure In this learning experience, I had to get the information to pass to my students on how to tackle this disease. Congestive heart failure is a chronic disease characterized by lapses in the normal heartbeat of humans (Ellen, Cecile & Martin, 2009). Older people have a high probability of contacting the disease. The weight of the patients also matter when it comes to detecting the symptoms. According to Nursing Skills (2012) keeping track of heartbeats of patients with the risk of having congestive heart failure help in the life saving life process since it keeps medics ready for any attack. For this learning outcome the objectives were based on the ability to suppress the effects of the disease and how to cater for patients with the disease. For the medication, I had to learn how to interpret the ace inhibitors, diet, echo, diuretics and the beta blockers. The interpretation of these results is the main objectives and expectations for a nurse educator (Leslie, 2011). Objectives for evidence based practices for ventilator acquired pneumonia Ventilation acquired pneumonia is a respiratory disease associated with effects on the lungs. The disease causes effect on ones breathing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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