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Mr Trosack: A Case Study on Eldery Care and Post-Surigical Placement - Essay Example

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Running Head: CASE STUDY Mr. Trosack 1 Mr. Trosack: A Case Study on Elderly Care and Post-Surgical Placement Name Class Date Mr. Trosack: A Case Study on Elderly Care and Post-Surgical Placement Part I: Assessment of the Situation The case of Mr. Trosack is complicated by a family who does not understand the importance of a new regimen for him…
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Mr Trosack: A Case Study on Eldery Care and Post-Surigical Placement
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Extract of sample "Mr Trosack: A Case Study on Eldery Care and Post-Surigical Placement"

Download file to see previous pages Trosack are how he will maintain his medications, how he will service his dietary needs, and his safety within an environment that is not designed for his current need for a walker. In addition, Mr. Trosack’s mental state must be taken into consideration in order to define what will give him dignity and well-being in balance with his need for social interaction and care. Mr. Trosack has the additional diagnoses of both hypertension and diabetes that will require significant changes to his lifestyle, specifically related to food intake and taking medications. It will be essential for care to include systems of monitoring those changes through outside observation. In addition, his mobility issues need to be addressed in relationship to therapy and daily activities. Creating an interdisciplinary team to support his recovery and maintenance of his new lifestyle needs is essential in order to regain a higher level of health while maintaining a quality based life through which his mental state can remain sharp and engaged with the world. Miller (2006) reports that elderly patients that are treated through an interdisciplinary team approach are more likely to regain independence after surgery. This approach seems to be appropriate to Mr. Trosack’s best interests. ...
The patient will be an integral part of the team, providing updates and creating feedback on suggestions about his recovery. Larsen and Lubkin (2009) suggest that the patient is a vital and integral part of the team as collaboration between professionals and the patient provide for communication that is rich and meaningful towards recovery. The nutritionist will be responsible for working with Mr. Trosack in order to find palatable and workable food solutions for his current level of obesity and diabetes. The primary physician will act as a cornerstone for helping him to balance all of his needs in relationship to medications, and needed medical interventions. The visiting nurse will have a crucial role in developing a relationship with the patient, monitoring his progress and checking to see that his environment is conducive to good health. The orthopedist will monitor the progress of his hip replacement as well as the physical therapist that will ensure good recovery through mobility. Safety is the biggest issue in trying to maintain Mr. Trosack’s independence and his current home, while providing for security in the form of mobility within a home that is currently cluttered and not designed for use of a walker, providing mobility up and down the stairs so that he can access the outside world, and the security involved in ensuring that he is following medical advice so that he takes his medications, eats properly, and protects his hip from inappropriate activity. His family’s lack of understanding about his current health care status is further concern for consideration when placing him post-hospital stay. As they do not share the same vigilance of concern that his doctors have expressed, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Mr Trosack: A Case Study on Eldery Care and Post-Surigical Placement Essay)
Mr Trosack: A Case Study on Eldery Care and Post-Surigical Placement Essay.
“Mr Trosack: A Case Study on Eldery Care and Post-Surigical Placement Essay”, n.d.
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