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Lesson 5.3 Discussion Forum Abstract Electronic Medical Record (EMR) enhances the aspect of clinical care and offers results as well as valuable information for diverse researches. It facilitates physicians to gain enhanced degree of information regarding the patients which further aids the doctors to make available a proper form of treatment to the patient…
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Download file to see previous pages Certain definite steps are required to be pursued for the purpose of successful implementation of the relevant process of EMR. It offers significant information related to diverse eruption of diseases and their treatment throughout the entire nation. Introduction In the past, physicians and medical staff used to record the details of patients in papers. Presently, maintaining particulars of patients through papers has been changed to electronic method of recording. This is commonly conducted through Electronic Medical Record (EMR). It is believed that automated or computerized way of medical documentation will prove to be an apposite method for synchronizing as well as enhancing the healthcare related services delivered to the patients. EMR has been observed to bring in a new technological revolution to the healthcare industry. It is considered to be a legal form of record about the details of patients (Boulus, n.d.). Overview of Electronic Medical Record An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a process of storing information of the patients with the assistance of computers. It comprises all the basic information that is supposed to be required for treating as well as nursing the patients. It stores information about the patients which entails both clinical as well as demographic information for future references (Garets & Davis, 2006). It is beneficial to have an EMR in a medical facility as it helps in accessing information from any computer. It involves less time as information can be updated and retrieved speedily rather than keeping records in papers. Therefore, it can be stated that it is a safe medium of storing information of the patients quickly. It provides valuable information about a patient to the doctor at any time for better decision-making as well as for the benefit of a patient. Thus, it creates prospect for doctors to gain a detailed comprehension about a patient through exchanging and sharing information (Shortliffe & Barnett, 2004). The effective execution of EMR includes eight steps which are as follows: Firstly, it needs to be ensured that the accurate form of EMR is chosen at the healthcare centre. It needs to be thoroughly checked that the right technology has been installed by the technicians who are trained and specialized in it and are willing to provide support after installing that software. The concerned EMR service provider should offer it with a guarantee which would assist in protecting the investment of the investor installing this technology (Sappington, 2009). Secondly, selecting and choosing a team leader who has a positive attitude is considered to be the following step. The team leader should be enthusiastic in reminding the staff regarding EMR implementation and its related efficiencies. The predetermined objectives related to the application of the system needs to be made apparent to provide a lucid comprehension of the related expectations to the staff (Sappington, 2009). Thirdly, for structuring a plan regarding the installation of an EMR, a conversation needs to be held with the service provider about the application of the mentioned system and the kind of training that needs to be offered to the staff. The installation of the system should be done in idle hours so that the regular operational process remains uninterrupted. Additionally, training should also be provided by the professionals in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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