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Solution Description - Research Paper Example

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Solution Description Institution’s name: Date: Solution Description Coronary artery disease is the most common disease among the population. It is caused as a result of heaping up of fatty plagues in the walls of the artery causing the thinning of the lumen of the artery (Rosanne, 2008)…
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Solution Description Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Primary interventions address coronary artery disease risk factors whilst secondary intervention addresses the health adverse outcomes. Patient’s safety can only be improved through medical adherence. This depends on the patient self-management such as lifestyle modification. All these need support from the health care system. Proposed solution From the survey conducted, it is evident that among the young males newly diagnosed with coronary artery disease, 70% of them have diabetes mellitus and hypertension in their medical history. In addition to that, 60% of these people smoke. However, they regularly carry out some physical exercise and do not have any idea of what coronary artery disease means to their health. This, therefore, means that they do not understand what is expected of them in order to contain the disease with reference to dietary. Given the fact that this population has no idea on diet, they have to be taught on what is expected of them. According to Hermida (2011), changes in dietary can help in reducing the young men’s systolic blood pressure due to diabetes mellitus and hypertension in their medical history. The dietary factors that need to be considered by this group are reduced amount of salt intake and saturated fat contents. Adherence to these controls helps in managing hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Besides dietary changes, these individuals need to be encouraged not to smoke and also shun environmental smoke (Mosca et al., 2007). Compliance with lifestyle modification improves the patient’s quality of life via eliminating premature deaths and preventing further complications. To the patients’ immediate family, compliance relieves them of the negative psychological effects of losing their loved ones. Additionally, adherence conserves the resources of the family that would have been channeled in the obtaining of health care. Organizational culture: This section aims to illustrate how lifestyle modification, as the proposed solution, is consistent with the organization of resources and culture of the society. To the society at large, patient compliance with treatment is an effective measure of saving costs. This is because it decreases complications of incidents and the need for further medications. This is of great significance to the health care public financed systems. Compliance has a great impact on the health care system. For instance, it limits hospitalization needs and reduces workloads on the healthcare system staff. In addition, satisfactory outcomes of treatment boost the attending clinician’s morale whilst failure in treatment frustrates them and impacts their work delivery. Expected Outcome of the Project The expected outcome of the project is to improve the adherence of the patients to enhance their safety. The main reason is that chronic conditions such as the coronary artery disease need a lot of care. In addition, most of this care focuses on the patient self-management. As a result, it requires complex multi-therapies and medical technology use for monitoring patient lifestyle change. Therefore, if these patients are not supported adequately by the health care system, they may be prone to risks that are life-threatening. The outcome will be achieved by educating the patients on lifestyle modifications such as the amount of salt intake, significance of physical activity, avoiding smoking, reducing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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