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Critique: Nursing Care Perspectives - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Research critique-Nursing care perspectives. Research critique Name:                 Institution:       Date: Introduction Research replication and use in study is supposed to further knowledge by developing a clear understanding of the processes involved in bringing the actual research to fruition (Greenhalgh, 2010)…
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Research Critique: Nursing Care Perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages The reviews of research assess the effectiveness and suitability of applied methods, as well as reliability and validity of results obtained. This paper reviews a number of aspects on a research conducted in Norway by making a review of its overall aspects. The research under review is titled “Residents’ experience of interpersonal factors in nursing homecare: A qualitative study.” It was authored by Seim, A. Vinsnes, G. A. and Nakrem, S. in 2010. The work appeared in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, volume 48, issue 11, and pages 1357 to1366. The rationale of the study/Problem statement Nursing homes’ nurses share a considerable amount of time with residents than in conventional nursing situations. This long-term relation requires a unique approach in order to offer quality services that can be appreciated by the residents. Therefore, there should be a unique interpersonal approach to the association, so as to offer quality that is in line with the residents’ perspective of quality care. The views of nursing care quality in nursing homes are multidimensional and dependant on the perspectives of various stakeholders including care receivers, their families, the management and the care-giver or nurse (Seim, Vinsnes & Nakrem, 2010). However, the care receivers’ views take center stage because they are the ultimate recipients of care. Therefore, according to the researchers, there is a need to know the perspective of quality as conceived by the care receivers in order to understand how to best deliver services that meet their anticipated standards of quality through the integration of their perspectives. Therefore, this research identifies the problem as the lack of understanding of the receivers’ perspectives which if known could help in tailoring a good approach to satisfying service delivery. The development of this understanding will find significant use in the future as life spans lengthen due to higher expectancy, which means that there will be a higher demand for nursing homes and their services. This information will help serve the increasing homes in a better manner and offer quality care to the high number of elderly people that is bound to increase (Seim et al. 2010). Research purpose and question/s: The particular purpose of the research was to define the description of the residents’ experience with received care in terms of its relation to interpersonal qualitative aspects of care (Seim et al. 2010). In this regard, though not explicitly stated, the question should have been: What is the best quality of care from the residents’ perspective on their experience from prior care? The purpose-question combination grants a solution to the cited problem. If the researching nurses could come to a better understanding of what is required in quality care after research, they will have solved the problem in determining what the residents exactly desire. In turn, they can tailor a service delivery system with interpersonal approaches befitting the residents desire in order to offer them better quality. Research Design The study implemented a descriptive, exploratory design of research with a qualitative approach (Seim et al. 2010). The design and qualitative approach fit the situation because the nature of data to be collected would be subjective rather than objective, and as such, the qualitative appro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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