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Leadership and Management Style Task 1 Organizational values and objectives play an important role in management and leadership style of the organization. If organization wants to differentiate its position in the industry as compared to other players, then leadership and management style needs to be aligned with the strategy of the organization…
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Leadership and management Style
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Download file to see previous pages My past experience tells me that nowadays there is a lack of alignment between goals of an organization and leadership style. I, being a leader, want to align the strategy of the organization with leadership style. Management style varies depending upon the nature, size and kind of the organization. The authoritative leadership style works well when the job is monotonous and does not require much innovation and input from employees e.g. Military organizations and hospitals. Through my past experience I have found that I am good at leading people authoritatively. But my weakness is that I crashed during stress times and critical decision making. Although I always came up with the right decision but I got extremely nervous when I had to complete more than one task at a time. I was more involved in taking suggestions from others regarding taking decision. But my experience has told me that this job cannot be done without being authoritative as it is the matter of life of patient. In future, I would not repeat this mistake of mine and will improve my leadership style. The trait theory of leadership says that there are certain traits that are required in individuals who want to become at the leadership positions and the leaders are born as leaders. These traits describe basic qualities leaders possess like achievement drive, motivation, self-confidence, knowledge of business, cognitive ability, emotional maturity and few others like charismatic personality and flexibility. It assumes that leaders are born with these qualities and cannot be made (Trait Theory). Task 2 When applying this theory on my own personality, I come to a conclusion that I am a born leader. Throughout my job experience, I observed my behavior at certain situation which told me that I possess the leadership qualities. My past experiences were all of this kind that helped me getting to know about my own talents and abilities. I have always been supportive and cooperative. There have been times where I had to take some decisions authoritatively as the job of nursing is a very important job where there is not much room for flexibility. My self-confidence and cognitive ability enabled me to manage stress and time but not that well as I want to. Knowledge of business is the most important trait of a leader in my view. When one does not know what his or her business is, he cannot be an effective leader. My educational qualification as well as past job experiences were fruitful enough to give me a knowhow of the field of nursing. However, in my view the traits of the leaders are not always present in the leaders in every situation. There are times when changes in traits are needed. In my view I lag in the flexibility part of the traits and in my view this trait can be acquired by the experience. What kind of situation will be most helpful for what kind of trait, these are few things on which I need to focus and learn. My personal development objectives are To become a part of an organization where I can apply my leadership skills I want to add value to the enterprise rather than being just a part of it I want to learn more about the decision making importance in nursing field Given the sense of autonomy, I want to utilize my potential to the maximum I want to learn where do I lag when it comes to managing the people I want to improve my communication skills and be more supportive I want to increase the flexibility of my traits so that I can be a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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