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Running Head: HOSPITAL BIRTH VS. HOME BIRTH Hospital Birth vs. Home Birth Instructor Date Introduction Pregnant women may prefer different settings for delivery depending on which they are most comfortable with and which provides minimum risk to them and the unborn children…
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Hospital Birth vs. Home Birth
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Download file to see previous pages Discussion NCT (2008) states that, “In the 1950’s the majority of pregnant women in United Kingdom delivered their babies at home” (p.2). The ratio of midwives and women who were knowledgeable in midwifery to the general population was higher compared to the past decade. Most middle aged women had experience in midwifery having assisted in child delivery of a family member of a friend. At the time, home birth was considered reasonably safe and without concerns of overcrowding and fatigue. NCT (2008) continues to state that, “Trends gradually changed in the 1970’s towards the 80’s as hospital births increased in frequency and numbers. By the 1990’s home births had reduced significantly to about 1% (p.2).” In recent times this percentage has increased to 2.68% as popularity and campaigns for home births have increased. ACOG (2011) notes that “Most governments require that recommendations be made to pregnant women to have a choice of their desired place of birthing.” A medical professional can evaluate and examine a pregnant woman and suggest a place of birth for the woman explaining his or her recommendation based on medical grounds to her. The key factors to be considered when choosing between home birth and hospital birth are the safety of the procedure, the sense of security of the mother and the level or sense of control. According to ACOG (2011), “Women who inquire on planned home births at medical facilities should be adequately informed of its benefits and possible risks.” This information should be based on current and documented evidence. The advising party should clearly note to the mother that although the possible risks associated with home birth may be minimal, home birth is closely associated with increased risk of neo natal death. The risk of neo natal death is two to three fold that of hospital birth. To achieve a successful and reduced-risk planned home birth, the woman requires selecting suitable candidates for the home birth. “A nurse certified in midwifery, physician or midwife who is qualified and aptly practices within regulations set by the local medical body should be available” (ACOG, 2011). The intended candidate should also be available for consultations. Safe, easy and timely access to a hospital or medical facility should be possible at the slightest chance of complications occurring. An easy access to hospital should provide contingency in case complications develops and the mother and or infant require emergency medical attention. ACOG (2011) states, “At present, the United States records an approximate figure of 25,000 home births annually.” From this figure, a quarter of the births is not attended to and is unplanned due to the spontaneity or unexpected labor. On average, the fraction of women who initially plan and intend to deliver at a hospital, those women who fail to make provisions for the attendance of a certified medical professional in midwifery, and unplanned homebirths record high rates and instances of neo natal and pre natal deaths. Women should plan for any eventuality and sudden changes in original or intended plans. The lack of transport to the designated/ planned hospital may warrant a home birth. In case no provisions were made to equip the home or vicinity/ surrounding with equipment and tools of delivery, the woman runs the risk of infection to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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