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Electronic Health record, Information site paper Name Institution Tutor Date Electronic Health record, Information site paper  According to the research conducted by Healthcare Financial Management Association (2006), a lot needs to be done if the hospitals have to completely and effectively adopt the electronic health records systems…
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Electronic Health Record, Information Site Paper
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Download file to see previous pages With the urban hospitals more keen and committed in the adoption of EHR, it is of great essence that the rural hospitals take over the same trend. In as much the costs of upgrading the health records in the health facilities are considerably higher; all the concerned parties must be geared towards improvement of the same. The electronic health records systems (EHR) have been credited for their ability to address the most tasking aspects that affect the healthcare system amongst them being the quality of services being offered to the citizens. The Healthcare Financial Management Association (2006) emphasizes that, a modernized health record system makes it easy for the concerned parties to plan on the endowment of the hospitals. It is imperative that hospitals embrace the novel technology on electronic health records systems (EHR) into their systems. Part 1 The electronic health records system (EHR) is entwined with copious challenges in the quest to promote continuum healthcare. The Healthcare Financial Management Association (2006) indicates that it is tremendously tasking to make all documents electronic in particular, integrating the older documents into the new system. This interprets that there will be a niche in the homogeny of the system. The concerned parties, in this case, are forced to have these information as images in their catalog, but not as original documents of the previous files. In this context, therefore, the eventual result has been to have an inclusive database in the electronic records. It becomes intricate if the clinician used poor handwriting to fill certain forms though the scanned documents can be included electronically. It, as a result, becomes complicated to interpret the documents as well as deduce their meanings. This can be dealt with by having a duplication of feebly written copies then scanning of the same. This will create a form of equivalence in the electronic system. Lack of knowledge on the safeguarding and storage of documents is a barrier to EHR. The concerned parties are not fully aware on the accessibility of retrieval of electronic data. Lack of the knowledge on the creation, editing and use of electronic data negatively implicates the implementation of EHR. Inability to store data interprets that medical practitioners are unable t enjoy new data systems. This can be eliminated by conducting a matriculation program on the concerned health facilities on the need to have electronic data systems and the need to upgrade the existing systems. Security and privacy issues also surround the electronic health records.  According to the research conducted by Healthcare Financial Management Association (2006), privacy of patients’ documents is a responsibility of the health practitioners. The EHR has led to the accessibility of patient documents on-line, a subject to security and privacy of patient information. It is important that all health facilities come up with stringent restrains on the EHR so as to maintain the standards of keeping records in the facility. Privacy and security are of great essence in terms of patient confidentiality. Having no standard language is yet another barrier to EHR implementation. This leads to poor synchronization of data and coordination. It is important that a standardized language and program is put in place, and distributed to all medical facilities. Record synchronization will make it easier for the educators on EHR to have a uniform ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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