Healthcare Factors that Differentiate the Status of Health in a Population - Essay Example

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NURSING #2The Determinants of Health According to Lomas (1998), there are number of healthcare factors that differentiate the status of health in a population. These factors can be social, personal or environmental and hence, these factors can be regarded as the determinants of health that heavily impact the quality of health and life in a specific community or population (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2012)…
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Healthcare Factors that Differentiate the Status of Health in a Population
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Download file to see previous pages Social factors include the resources that improve the living standard of a human being. However, it can be concluded that availability of health sources are dependent on the social factors that enable a person to avail all the resources necessary for having a healthy lifestyle. Such resources include proper healthy food, medicines, prompt healthcare facilities and other necessary basic amenities of life. In case of Texas, majority of people are left unprivileged due to inadequate health resources and low health insurance coverage due to poor socio-economic structure of most people in Texas. As a result, it has been observed that every year 2500 Texans die due to inadequate health facilities, lack of proper food and unavailability of medicines (Code Red Texas, 2012). To ensure good health status in the state of Texas, it is highly important for the state and social welfare organizations to ensure economic stability and awareness regarding health in the area. The state government should take imperative steps to determine all the social factors that are contributing in poor health outcomes. As a result, the government should formulate a plan to enhance and improve the life standard of the people in Texas. This can only be achieved by funding and investing in economic activities, offering better employment opportunities to the people and instilling sense of social responsibility in the minds of people. References US Department of Health and Human Services (2012) Healthy People 2020 retrieved from Lomas, J. (1998). Social capital and health: implications for public health and epidemiology. Social Science & Medicine, 47(9), 1181-1188. Code Red Texas (2012) Code Red; the critical condition of health in Texas 2012. Retrieved from #Health Literacy Health literacy provides an important platform for handling health related issues for people with low income and low literacy rate (Marmot et al, 2006). Health decisions according to Marmot, (2007) are established basing on appropriate standards as required in accordance with existing health policies. Healthcare decisions are therefore valid and valuably relevant especially when considering proper use of newer technologies (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2012). The core substance defined according to societal needs is based on unique health actions. I have analyzed HRSA to study the health communication and the use of technology in health and how it benefits different people. The website (HRSA) provides coherent and in-depth information on each and every disease and other health related issues. It targets the audience within the US and also provides assistance to people living outside of the US through emails and online support. For people unfamiliar with English, it provides all the details in Spanish as a second language. Visuals have been applied and have offered a better level of attaining the required information. The use of pictures provides better understanding even to the non healthcare readers to acquire the first hand knowledge and the concept. It could have been more understandable for them if the pictures contain further information regarding a specific disease. The readability ratio on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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