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Disaster Management - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract The research is carried out purposefully with aim of preparing the community at large for emergency responses in case of a catastrophe. The simulation takes us through all stages on how to respond to emergencies. The simulation also explains the roles of various stakeholders in ensuring that fewer damages occur and no lives are lost…
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Disaster Management
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Download file to see previous pages He/ she is also responsible for organizing and integrating a team that aims at rescuing and preventing further damage and deaths of people and domestic animals by the calamity. The chain of command is as follows. At the top most is the disaster commander who is in charge and responsible for the whole situation. Immediately under the disaster commander are the public information officer and liaison officers. The public information officer should understand principles of risks in communication. He/she is responsible for giving accurate public health information to the public and collaborating agencies. His/her role is to ensure that the message is consistent. The liaison officer, on the other hand, serves as a point of contact for supporting agencies and answering their questions and providing briefings whenever necessary. The officer also prevents the agencies from being bombarded with questions and requests. The next level includes the operations chief officer whose main work is to develop and implement strategies and tactics with the aim of carrying out incident objectives. He is responsible for organizing tactic resources and ensuring that there is good communication with the people delivering the resources. The planning chief officer also falls in this level and he/she is responsible for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information. The personnel are responsible for compiling an incident action plan and focusing on what might come next within the incident. The personnel should possess qualities of good written and communication skills. Within the same level, the logistics chief officer is responsible for acquiring space and supplying equipment necessary for the incident. He/she should be fast, accurate, and precise. Finally, within the same level, a chief finance officer is responsible for ensuring proper contractual and financial processes are in place. He/she also ensures that the resources ordered are available and expanded if necessary. The financial officer should be familiar with financial systems and able to keep accurate financial data. The spilled carbon monoxide, oil, and many more hazards present within the residential houses are some of the environmental issues the public nurse has to deal with but are beyond her field of operation. Incidences of power loss and damage of houses are also beyond her area of operation, hence the need to work with different agencies in order to facilitate quick and prompt rescue mission. The health nurse relocates victims from their houses to safer shades in case of flooding. Under circumstances when clean water is not available, the public health nurse advices on drinking of boiled water and bottled water. In case of oil spillage and paints in a residential house, the health nurse contacts an environmental specialist to advice on how to clean up household hazards. The public health officer also helps victims through decision-making by being caring, understanding, and listening to their fears. He/she also helps the victims reduce anxiety and pressure. Under situations where the victim does not speak or understand English, the public health nurse uses gestures to communicate. This helps the nurse to go through the victim’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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