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Community Health Epidemiolgy - Essay Example

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Community Health Epidemiology Name: Institution: Abstract Jefferson County is a region located at the State of Texas. As per the 2010 census, the county hosted 252, 273 people, at a population density of 280 per square mile. The population is multi-ethnic and racial, but the larger population is comprised of whites, at 57.24%…
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Community Health Epidemiolgy
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Download file to see previous pages Health statistics from year 2007 show that disease threats include diarrhea, campylobacteriosis and Hepatitis, which have been checked by health programs like the immunization of all age groups – newborns to adults. Other health threats include T.B, Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, which are the focus of public programs, created to explore and offer their surveillance. From the community genogram, focus is placed on group-centered health education and integrating team networks among the different vulnerable groups. Focus is also placed on the family and other small groups, towards fostering the current healthcare system – so that it can address the health issues discussed. These intervention steps will be affected through the exploratory, analytical and the health action phases, towards realizing the desired changes and solutions to the health threats. Community Health Epidemiology Introduction Jefferson County is a county in the United States, located in the State of Texas. As per the 2010 census statistics, the county had a total population of 252,273. The population density registered in the county stood at an average of 280 per square mile. ...
An approximate level of 17.40% of the total population and 14.6% of families live below the poverty line. 24.6 % of those living below the poverty line are composed of those under the age of 18, while 11.8% are composed of those above the age of 65 years. As of January 2011, the unemployment ratio of the county stood at 9.4 percent registering 27,918 members of the total population as unemployed. The underemployment rate for that year stood at 10.7 percent, implying that the county is a home to 26, 993 unemployed citizens and a considerable number of underemployed workers who may not afford substantial healthcare services (Mecke, 1984). Discussion From a careful assessment of the economic, community safety inventory, cultural evaluation, disaster assessment, as well as planning, the results of the county’s health status indicators reflected the following. 10.8 % of the population as uninsured. Behavioral risk factors included alcohol use and abuse, substance abuse, nutrition imbalances and vulnerability based on unfavorable physical activity patterns. An example here is the recent anti-tobacco campaign, offered to urge people reduce the consumption of tobacco, as well as protect the others from secondhand smoke. Other areas with shortage causing imbalances and deficits in healthcare services administration include socio-economic factors, like economic and social imbalances, as well as inadequate education and limited access to education. Other community health indicators influencing the health patterns depicted within the framework of Jefferson County include vulnerability indicators like crime rate, especially that involving abuse of the elderly and domestic violence. Other causes of health imbalances include ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community Health Epidemiolgy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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