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APN credentialing boards - Research Paper Example

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APN credentialing boards Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Abstract All groups of nurses play crucial roles in modern day society. The society has slowly shifted to want more in terms of medical care. Apart from institution medical care, nursing also covers home based care for patients with difficulties in carrying out daily operations…
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APN credentialing boards
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Download file to see previous pages A common and significant group of nurses are the Advanced Nursing Practitioners. The Advanced Nursing Practice activities however, cannot be without scrutiny. Practices headed and managed by APNs have become wide spread. This has seen the emergence of credentialing boards like; American Nursing credentialing centre, National Certification Corporation and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. These credentialing institutions perform the duty of giving license, validating clinical experience, giving education preparations and certify nursing practices. APN credentialing boards 1.0. Introduction Over the years they have been emergence on numerous nursing practices. Advanced nursing practice has evolved from being an informal hidden specialty and has become a formal practice with wide spread recognition. It is due to this recognition that it has drawn interests in governments to come up with standards and modes of operations for APNs. Credentialing boards have also been formed. Credentialing boards are given the duty to determine whether certain activities are within the scope of operations of APNs. These boards set the ground work for the operation rules, regulations and ethics in the APN practice. According to Fulton & Lyon (2009) the decision making boards also help the APNs to make right decisions in the line of duty. Additionally, the institutions also take the views of advanced nursing practice before coming up with decisions. They consult all groups of nurses under the advanced nursing practice. This essay shall focus on the different credentialing boards and their impacts on the APNs. 2.0. Body The ANP is a broad group which has the capacity of carrying out different and complex duties in a health institution (Carr, Layzel & Christensen, 2010). These duties include administration of health care organizations, implementing and developing health care policies, managing of individuals and groups of patients and the direct care of individual patients. 2.1. American Association of Critical Care Nurses The American Association of Critical Care Nurses, as one of the credentialing boards is responsible for offering the APNs with an opportunity to take part in programs that boost their careers (McLeod & McGloin, 2010).The nurses are also presented with an opportunity to interact with other nurses; thus, enhance their career through interactions. Through this body, nurses have also gained an opportunity to access various certifications that place them in a better opportunity to get jobs. Through these programs, they are also able to acquire information on how to handle tasking situations that they may encounter in their career, therefore, have a successful career life. Of essence, this board enhances the nursing skills in a tremendous manner. 2.2. American Midwifery Certification Board The American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) is yet another credentialing board of the ANPs. This body has been credited for its contribution in keeping the nurses updated with the major role they are faced with in provision of services to the public. The body also provides the nurses with certification programs, for instance, AMCB certification tests, as well as approval by the nursing council (Ament, 2007). 2.3. American Nurses Credentialing Center The American Nurses Credentialing Center is one of the most prominent credentialing boards in the world (Masters, 2009). This association is charged with the responsibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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APN Credentialing Boards Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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