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Faye Glenn Abdellah - Research Paper Example

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Faye Glenn Abdellah Name College Course Date Introduction Faye Glenn Abdellah was a great health care leader in who assisted in transforming the nursing art. She did not only raise the nursing values, but also introduced methodical research in the system of patient care…
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Faye Glenn Abdellah
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Download file to see previous pages She completed her diploma nursing education in 1942 from Fitkin Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in New Jersey. Thereafter, Faye Glenn Abdellah received a Bachelor of Science in the year 1945. In 1947, she obtained a Masters of Arts and in 1955, she received a Doctor of Education. The two certificates were obtained from the Teachers College at Columbia University. Faye Glenn Abdellah, an earlier Chief Nurse Officer in the Public Health Service in America, she was the first female nurse to be hired as a Deputy Surgeon in U.S. Faye Glenn Abdellah has led various nursing research and has many publications connected to nursing education, care, for nursing research along with advanced nursing practice. In 2000, based on her contributions in changing nursing care, nursing theory as well as nursing education, she received international and national awards. The National Women’s Hall of Fame was one of them (Abdellah, 1994). The main reason for Faye Glenn Abdellah developing the theory was to change the focus of nursing profession from the approach of disease-centered to the approach of patient-centered. Her theory was also developed so as to provide a classification system for patient-oriented records and patient care in the health care system. The theory of Faye Glenn Abdellah was developed to provide a foundation for organizing and determining nursing care. It was also concerned with giving a basis for classifying and availing appropriate strategies in nursing practice. The theory gives concepts of problem solving in nursing through use of 21 questions approach to solve problems related to health requirements of patients. The theory had three areas: the sociological, physical and emotional patient’s needs; the forms of interpersonal associations between the patient and the nurse; and the common components of patient care. Faye Glenn Abdellah believed that the theory would offer a way of evaluating the experiences of a patient and also give a method of determining the competency of a nurse depending on the outcome measures. The theory comprised of the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation phases. My definition of nursing actually fit well with the definition in the theory since both definitions emphasize on the fact that nursing is usually a widespread service that is based on science and art that shape an individual nurse’s intellectual competencies, attitudes and technical skills into the ability and desire to help sick people cope up with their health care needs. My definition and definition of nursing practice of Abdellah’s theory both emphasize that the profession focus on patient-centered instead of disease-centered approach. The approach of patient-centered is valuable in the practice of nursing as it assists in bringing out the organization and structure into an organized assortment of health care experiences. The theory classifies the problems of nursing depending on the needs of patients and develops a framework of giving nursing goals and treatment that offers a foundation for organizing and determining nursing care. As compared with other theories with similar meanings, this theory describes nursing practice as a comprehensive service that has three key categories to individual patients, families and then to the society. For example, as compared to an ICU health nurse, model of this theory’s nursing care endows the ICU nurse with explicit guidelines on how to better deal with and manage several conditions of patients with grace and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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