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Medical jobs for the health care environment are available in different health care facilities. The jobs have high benefits and a lot of remuneration; therefore, the vacancies are highly competitive…
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Job Hunting in the Health Care Environment
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Job Hunting In the Health Care Environment Job Hunting in the Health Care Environment Medical jobs for the health care environment are available in different health care facilities. The jobs have high benefits and a lot of remuneration; therefore, the vacancies are highly competitive. Qualified professions apply for jobs. The health care environments providing these jobs include hospitals, school systems, long-term care facilities and residential based programs. The increase of the number of people opting to study health care programs is because of increase of demand for the health care professions. The jobs give professionals a chance to work in environments from which they gain exposure and career growth (Kramer, 2006). Most individuals look for jobs in this field because of the excellent remuneration prospects. A small number is service minded and have a noble call. Job-hunting these days has been made easy by the high levels of technology. The facility of online job searching makes it easy to find jobs in health care environment instead of wasting time on job listings and newspapers. There are also recruiting agencies that have job databases therefore those looking for jobs are able to register online, and they are informed as vacancies arise. One is given the right job positions available depending on his or her job description and preferences. Job-hunting requires one to look for a growing or vital organization however, the applicants for online job should be careful to impress the employer, complete all sections of the given application, and should be careful on their typing to avoid errors (Hopkins, 2012). In the health environment, job hunting is not an easy thing a common characteristic in the world’s economy today. For one to easily get a job he or she must be a multiskilled worker. Since there is a rise in health care costs, smaller facilities, and especially the fact that rural areas often cannot afford to hire specialists for every aspect of care. Therefore, workers are hired must be able to perform a variety of health care skills. This means those with a variety of healthcare skills have an advantage of getting jobs easily than those with single skills. It is to the advantage of the practitioner who has trained in one occupation then goes to receive additional education to work in other occupations (White, 2001). A major opportunity in the health care environment is that of entrepreneur. This individual organizes, manages and assumes the risk of the business. The health care environment allows individuals to work as independent entrepreneurs or work under directional management. Because the opportunity of being self-employed and to be involved in the business area of health care exists, educational programs include business skills with career objectives. Different career levels have different educational requirements when searching for jobs. They range from bachelors degree to specific hours of specialized education on the job training. Although entrepreneurship involves many risks and requires a certain level of education and ability, it can be an extremely satisfying choice for the individual who is well motivated, responsible, self-motivated, and creative. This characteristic makes it easy to get a job in the health care environment in general (Kramer, 2006). Job-hunting for most people is scanning the ads, because the potential employers will probably hire them. This approach limits one to the jobs that are available instead of the job one rely wants. Most job openings are not advertised in the ads. Job vacancies exist before they are advertised; job seekers who rely on the ads are in competition with all the other job seekers. Job hunters can also get potential employers in the telephone directory by identifying health care facilities in their respective areas. The facilities represent potential employers. It is not advisable to telephone the employers to know when there is an existing vacancy; the best is a face-to-face visit. A job club mostly formed by nursing classmates also facilitates job-hunting. They often share information about employees, vacancies, job requirements, and others. A job club is also usually a morale booster to ensure those hunting for jobs do not lose hope. The colleagues in the club also offer insights into the areas they believe one is most suited (Kramer, 2006). After identifying potential employers, one is supposed to be persistent in the job hunt. One should go for the job that looks interesting regardless of if there is a vacancy. One is required to apply in many different organizations and many facilities. Potential employers are identified in many other ways such as nursing journals or even instructors. The health care job hunting is always made easier by the internet that advertises jobs as well as job hunting information and tips (Hopkins, 2012). References Hopkins, J. (2012, July 5). Health Careers. Retrieved from: Baltimore Website: Jungs, B. (2007, september 14). jobs and careers. Retrieved from: public health job search: Kramer, J. (2006). Job Hunting Skills. Health care Journal , 23-135. White, L. (2001). Foundations of Nursing: Caring for the Whole Person. New York: Cenage Learning. Read More
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