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Implementation of Change from Mixed Sex Ward to a Single Sex Ward - Essay Example

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Implementation of Change from Mixed-sex ward to a single sex ward. Name Institution Implementation of change from mixed sex ward to a single sex ward. Historically, patients have been cared for in mixed-sex wards. However, over the past twenty years concerns to have mixed-sex wards replaced have been widely reported with most patients preferring single-sex wards to mixed-sex wards…
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Implementation of Change from Mixed Sex Ward to a Single Sex Ward
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Download file to see previous pages Women vulnerability with severe mental illness to physical and sexual abuses noted in mixed-sex wards. These increased rates of past sexual assaults and abuses among psychiatric impatient made them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in mix-sex settings. This implies that re-victimization rates among women with mental illness are high. Increased recognition by the service providers of problems arising from histories of such trauma led to increase in same-sex inpatient units. Given the recognition that, trauma leads to pervasive and long term negative effects on mental health and relational problems, emotional regulation difficulties and mistrust of others, there was a general necessity to evade such menace. This paper is a case study on Implementation of Change from Mixed-sex ward to a single sex ward. It entails in-depth discussion about mixed-sex wards and single-sex wards, why the mixed-sex wards should be faced out in favor of the single-sex wards, demerits and merits of the two systems, as well as, the financial repercussions that come along with introduction of same-sex wards. Additionally, the paper explores the area of acute mental health to shade light on what needs to be done to achieve full transformations from mixed-sex to single-sex wards. ...
e other hand, means service users and the patients share bathroom facilities, sleeping accommodations, and toilet facilities only with same sex people. However, the same sex ward is interpreted differently according to different hospitals. It could be a whole ward that is occupied by either women alone or men alone. It can also be taken to mean a single room, or a mixed ward, where bays or rooms are used to separate men and women. This applies to virtually all the hospitality areas and the unit of mental health. The whole ward is occupied by either women or men but not both. More often than not, this requirement applies to organizations that provide NHS funded care whether in mental health or acute mental health, as well as, heath disability sectors. Areas mostly considered for single sex ward include estates, systems and processes, patient and staff culture experience (Imprrit, N. 2009). A ward is a place at which a team having appropriate specialist skills help in treating a group of patients. In a mixed ward, there is provision of same-sex accommodation by same sex bays or single rooms, as well as, toilet facilities (Mezey, G. 2005). A bay is an area for sleeping having multiple beds or a single bed with all the three sides of the walls enclosing them. The fourthly sides can be partially enclosed or glazed to allow the staff to monitor clinically their patients. Why mixed-sex should be replaced. In recent times, there have been reports indicating that the makers of the policies and some professionals have not learned anything from the risks that have encompassed same-sex accommodation. Same-sex accommodation wards continue experiencing poor opportunities for both recreational interventions and the therapeutic interventions, as well. These wards are sexual abuses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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