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Domestic Violence During Pregnancy - Essay Example

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Domestic Violence during Pregnancy Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Abstract Domestic violence is one of the most dangerous experiences that pregnant women face in their homes. Women who undergo battering can obtain assistance from health organizations in which nurses and other health professionals will be helpful in offering medication as well as counseling (Estrellado, 2010)…
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Domestic Violence During Pregnancy
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Download file to see previous pages Domestic Violence during Pregnancy Introduction Like many other problems that people face across the world, there must be a reason to why domestic violence happens in various homes. Domestic violence as amongst serious problem that are common in many homes, leads to the occurrence of other problems, which have negative impacts on family members, especially the mother and children (Hester, 2007). This discussion will consider the causes domestic violence, the impacts of domestic violence on both pregnant women and the unborn or newborn babies, and the prevention measures for domestic violence. Overview People have acknowledged domestic violence as among the most severe problems to the health of married women. However, pregnant women experience more impacts from domestic violence than normal women do because of a number of complications due to pregnancy. According to the Center for Disease Control, domestic violence during pregnancy refers to sexual, physical, emotional violence that pregnant women experience, especially from their husbands (Huth-Bocks, Levendosky, & Bogat, 2010). Research has shown that pregnant women have a higher likelihood of experiencing physical violence from their husbands than normal women do. Domestic violence harms women more than other problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, and other serious health complications do. It has serious effects on both infant and maternal health because injury to the breasts, genitals, and abdomen are common during pregnancy. Therefore, domestic violence is a significant factor that leads to high proportions of perinatal and maternal morbidity and mortality. Commonly, domestic violence during pregnancy can lead to fetal fractures, placental separation, prenatal hemorrhage, preterm labor, and rupture of the uterine walls. Domestic violence can indirectly affect the health of the pregnant mother and her unborn baby negatively because the mother can eat well as well or seek antenatal care (Estrellado, 2010). Nursing care considerations related to domestic violence assessment Domestic violence during pregnancy has become a severe problem, which affects both social and public health. Therefore, advanced practice physicians and nurses who help in providing the prenatal care play a vital role in identifying, diagnosing, and treatment for pregnant mothers facing domestic violence. In a number of hospitals, physicians and nurses are screening expectant mothers for domestic violence during the time of delivery, which is usually late for screening because in most cases, domestic violence takes place earlier (Estrellado, 2010). It is significant to for health institutions to implement a plan of screening expectant women during the prenatal visits, and give them necessary interventions. Such interventions include education about domestic violence and providing the expectant mothers with information on local resources like domestic violence centers and shelters. Expectant women should obtain a number of resources, such as shoe cards and Domestic Violence Survivor’s Guide from health institutions (Estrellado, 2010). The shoe cards bear the phone numbers and names of the local agencies that are resourceful to domestic violence victims. These cards also bear information concerning safety measures. Domestic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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