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Current Assessment Practices for Evaluating Clinical Students - Research Paper Example

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Current Assessment Practices for Evaluating Clinical Students Surname, Name Professor Course Date Introduction Assessment is the act of evaluating one’s quality, nature and ability of doing a job. Assessors carry out assessment to determine the competence of a student towards a function…
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Current Assessment Practices for Evaluating Clinical Students
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Download file to see previous pages There are three types of assessment these include, student, program and system assessment. The student assessment is important as helps the assessor to find out what the students know. Assessors use assessment to find out what the student know to determine their knowledge on the field. This helps in determining the quality of skills and level of performance of the student. Student assessment also help to determine how the students carryout their work. Assessors also test the students’ level of motivation and effort towards their area of study. Program assessment is the form of assessment that determines the competency of a system in an institution. Program assessment improves the program and keeps helps the program to achieve its goal. Program assessment helps in determining areas that require extra instructional emphasizing. The assessment also helps the teachers to identify unsuccessful and successful teachings and methods. Instructions use analysis of students’ results, observers, self-administration questionnaire, community survey and interviews of students and teachers to carry out program assessment. System assessment is a form of program assessment that is large scare based. One carry out program assessment, for example, in is a classroom but system assessment takes place in a whole school district or a large area of organization. In most cases, system assessment uses the third party constants. An excellent example of system assessment is the improving of curriculum that involves completely organizational area. An excellent example of assessment studies that many countries carry out is the assessment of clinical students. Overview and Critical Analysis of the Current Assessment Clinical students’ assessment is an assessment that teachers carry out to determine the competence of the students in the clinical field. Clinical students are important students in the society as they handle the sick. The education of the clinical students is, requiring right form of assessment as they deal directly with people’s lives. The form of assessment in the clinical field used to assess clinical students is strict. Clinical examination takes place at the end of placement consist of two clinical sessions. In these two sessions, the students engage with unseen and seen client. The examiners examine the clinical students using oral exams. The students engage with two examiners in each of the two sessions. The seen client is one whom the clinical student has an access for in 40 days of assignment. The unseen clients in clinics such as community clinic are those clients who visit the clinic for the first time. The unseen clients can also be those clients hospitalized for a long period or clients may be attending the clinic for a long period but seeing another therapist. The unseen session of the clinical student is a session that involves client’s first appointment at the clinic. In all occasions, there is informing of clients about the session, and agreement with student examination (McCarthy, 2011). The previous day to the examination, there is giving of some details on the unseen client to the clinical students. The information passed to the clinical student help them to reflect the initial life consultations in the language and speech therapy practice. The information on the unseen cli ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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