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Discuss Critically the Implications of Whistleblowing for Accountability, and Raising and Escalating Concerns - Essay Example

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Topic: Discuss critically the implications of Whistleblowing for Accountability, and Raising and Escalating Concerns. Name Professor Institution Course Date Healthcare centers are places all of us visit or are bound to visit in the near future. This is mainly because people face a number of health issues during their lifetime (Arszulowicz & Gasparski, 2011, p…
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Discuss Critically the Implications of Whistleblowing for Accountability, and Raising and Escalating Concerns
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Download file to see previous pages 110). The secret filming agency also revealed that disabled patients were exposed to a lot of mental and physical torture. This is attributed to the fact that they are in most cases ignored or mistreated when they attend healthcare centers (Jeffrey, 2009, p. 24). Whistle blowing is not easy task as many would think because it puts ones career and reputation on the line. Whistle blowers who advocate for better medical care for patients who have demanding needs are in most cases scared of the attitudes their colleagues. In most cases, their colleagues are not in support of their actions (Killion & Dempski, 2006, p. 122). Alerting the society about the needs of patients is crucial and very important. However, this has to be done with extreme care so as to avoid raising false alarms. There should be careful analysis of situations in order to get comprehensive information about the situation. This helps in making sure that the raised concerns are adequately and appropriately addressed. Health care workers and practitioners are not regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (Lewis, 2001, p. 299). The organization however does its best to ensure that it passes the right information relating to how patients can be handled in a careful and respectful manner. Nurses are well trained on matters relating to duty and are encouraged to put first the interests and concerns of patients. They are also supposed to ensure that patients are adequately protected from all manner of risks (Lippincott & Wilkins, 2002, p. 110). The Nursing and Midwifery Council has produced various publications that offer guidance to health practitioners regarding their roles and duties. For instance, in their publication, ‘Raising and escalating concerns’ they gave a number of tips on how healthcare practitioners can improve their service delivery. They noted that healthcare practitioners have the duty of acting responsibly should they feel that a colleague may be putting a patient's life at risk in the course of delivering medication (Vandekerckhove, 2006, p. 255). Practitioners have also been empowered to seek assistance from respective authorities should there be a problem that could hinder effective service delivery. The hospitals environments are supposed to avail maximum comfort to the sick ill and also be able to assure them of an improvement in their health (White, 2005, p. 100). Governments in developed countries have laws that protect whistle blowers. A perfect example is the enactment of the interest disclosure act of nineteen ninety-eight (Lewis, 2001, p. 300). The law was put in place to protect workers from victimization once they air out issues concerning professional malpractices. The act covers workers who expose genuine concerns regarding their employers or colleagues (Vandekerckhove, 2006, p. 221). Appropriate procedures must be observed when raising concerns about specific issues. Firstly, the issues being raised should be valid and lawful. They should be raised for public interest rather than personal interests (Lippincott & Wilkins, 2002, p. 129). Once issues are raised, relevant authorities make a follow up to ensure that there is fairness and transparency in addressing the raised concerns (Boatright, 2009, p. 99). Service delivery in a public institution should always reflect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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