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Anemic Disorder - Essay Example

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Title: Anemic disorder Name Tutor Institution Date Introduction Anemia is a situation whereby, the blood incurs a lower number of red blood cells. In other situation, it also occurs when the blood of an individual is not able to carry a large amount of the hemoglobin…
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Anemic Disorder
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Download file to see previous pages Anemia causes the person to feel exhausted, and if this persists, can lead to the brain and heart damage. A person or individual that is anemic have the following composites; hemoglobin of about9.7percentage, 31%hematocrit, 4ferritin and iron saturation of about 5%. (Frank 2010, p.235) Outlook Red blood cells have a shape of a disc, and they resemble like doughnuts but eventually they do not have a hole at the centre (Rosdahl, & Kowalski, 2009, p.124). Fortunately, they remove carbon dioxide and carry oxygen within the body tissue. It is important to note that the bone marrow also makes white blood cells and platelets. However, the white blood cells offer defense mechanism against any infection in the body. A cause of anemia is either lack of adequate red blood cell production, blood loss, or destruction of red blood cells at an alarming rate. Some anemia deficiency is mild, easy to treat and have a short-term effect. (Karthryn, 2009, p.407). Furthermore, prevention of the ones that is short-term easily under the health diet of an individual while other types need a healthy diet to treat. However, long lasting anemia can be severe and worst in that it threatens life if left unchecked. Hereditary Furthermore, genetically the above disorder can move from mother to child that it obey the heretical ability; hence, these disorders shorten one's life span. In addition, it can emerge because of impairing to the hemoglobin production.( Kowalski 2009,p.432). Effects of giving birth while anemic In Molly’s situation, she still gives birth as much as she is anemic, and this causes her some difficulties as in the discussion below. (Riccio 2008, p.234).An anemic mother who gives birth will tend to cause certain changes in the hormonal level. Therefore, this leads to a drop in hormonal level upon the removal of placenta. In conjunction, the placenta plays a pivotal role in the production of hormone in the body. The reaction of the mother after birth will influence how she copes up in hormonal level in the body. The recurring factor is that of mood of the mother, and this will determine the capability for her to retain either some kind hormone or loss the most. Some hormones increase the mother's appetite thus enhancing the anemic control. (Meletis 2009, p.143). If Molly undergoes healthy eating schedule, then this will be a potent method to her quick healing. Stress (Chow 2011, p.324).In molly’s situation, she might face stress in many ways. First, she needs to be a mother again. Secondly, the condition of her first born who is not that stable in the academic work is wanting. Thirdly, her husband wants to go back to work, and lastly the reaction of her parents does not favor her at times. It is advisable for her to show her feeling to the parents instead of bottling them.( Goldman 2009, p .124). She should be assertive whilst exercising proper time management. Furthermore, the best thing to put in consideration is having a positive focus. This entails taking the time to appreciate and reflect in the entire life, this is to put into consideration the gifts and positive qualities one posses. The simple strategy as it is can help one to manage and put things in perspective. Anemia in children Children are the most group that face the bigger challenge of the being in anemia condition (Goldman, 2009, p.104). As per the above story, it is notable that the above article states the difficulty ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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