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Application of Findings to the Nursing Process - Research Paper Example

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1. Application of Findings to the Nursing Process The nursing process is assumed as the common thread that connects various kinds of nurses involved in different areas of nursing using innovative methods that present a complete picture as to holistic healthcare for patients…
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Application of Findings to the Nursing Process
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Download file to see previous pages For example, work interventions (WIs) have been attributed to primary concerns, such as direct patient care, and to secondary concerns, such as discourse between nurses during work. Hence, the findings of the article show that when assessing a patient it is advisable to include primary, as well as secondary factors to come through with a complete picture. 1.2. Diagnosis The diagnosis carried out in the current research presents a twofold approach that addresses immediate, as well as long-term concerns. The research has highlighted that nurses face WI’s in a far greater proportion than expected; this may lead to unsatisfactory patient care problem that needs immediate focus and attention to be resolved. Issues that may require immediate focus include WIs due to direct and indirect patient care, engagement by patient’s family, etc. Furthermore, the research has diagnosed that a long-term approach is required to deal with nurse’s habits, such as conversing with each other during work or paying little more than normal attention to the task after a WI. In doing so, the current research has accounted for immediate, as well as long-term, focuses that conform to the nursing process. 1.3. ...
However, the research presupposes that this may not be possible in each given healthcare setting so localized solutions may be required. Steps related to more long-term issues, such as changing the working habits of nurses, can be taken in small phases involving training, monitoring and self-assessment. The current article is specific about the measures required, as well as provides measures that can be implemented practically to make a difference. This, in turn, conforms to the outcomes/planning element of the nursing process. 1.4. Implementation Implementation as per nursing process requires the utilization of a care plan so that sustainability of care can be achieved. The current article outlines different methods to achieve sustainability of greater nursing care by reducing WIs, but no single plan has been chalked out for implementation. Instead, the current article mentions that actual implementation plans will differ by the exact healthcare setting in use, although vague implementation steps have been outlined, as mentioned in the previous section. 1.5. Evaluation The current article does not provide highly concrete or detailed evaluation plans but does refer to them indirectly. In terms of nursing process, evaluation serves as effective feedback to modify the overall care plan continuously. Given that the findings of the current article apply in different forms to different healthcare settings, it can, therefore, be expected that their evaluation plans will also be different. However, there is little deniability that in these settings the evaluation criterion will still revolve around the central concept of WI. 2. Utilization of Findings by Students and Practicing Nurses Given the fact that WIs are a common part of the work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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