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Cultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes - Term Paper Example

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Running head: Cultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes Cultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert February 9, 2012 Cultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes Introduction The environment in which nursing care is provided, as well as the work practice adopted by the care providers affects the quality of care given to the veterans in these centers…
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Cultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes
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Extract of sample "Cultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes"

Download file to see previous pages Cultural transformations in a nursing environment refer to the changes in the perceptions of the care providers on the mode of delivery of services to their clients - the residents (Hojlo, 2010). The transformations are necessary due to the need for improved services at the centers. The cultural transformation process is not a simple change but a paradigm shift involving three main stages namely, ‘a time of chaos and confusion, crisis, and acceptance’ (Hojlo, 2010, p.45). This paper illustrates the contribution of nursing to cultural transformation for improved services. It makes use of a practical project that has proved effective towards this objective. Introduction to the project The project is a step towards creating a friendlier environment for the residents in these nursing homes. The entire transformation process is systematic and bound occur in phases. ...
There is need for a more one-on-one correspondence between residents and the nursing assistants. On one hand, residents have affairs that require privacy at certain points and on the other hand, there is a need for the residents to engage in some organizational activities. The move is driven by the provisions on the Bill of Rights for the residents in these nursing homes. Just like the other ordinary healthy people, the residents are entitled to good housing environment and follow his or her choice and preferences in various daily requirements. The individuals are entitled to us basic commodities that are in their living environment. The individuals also have the rights to privacy. Overview of the project The project takes on three different dimensions. The first initiative is choice of items in the food menu. It involves discussing with residents and families on the schedule of food items depending on their preference and the bodily requirements. Another initiative is introduction of various sporting activities. The third component of the project is conducting a get-together occasion in which the residents share their experiences with families, friends, professionals, and other patients. Literature Review The cultural transformations in the nursing homes are inevitable due to the changing needs of the residents in such homes. Person-directed care has a central focus on the needs, interests and the lifestyles preferred by an individual (HealthInsight New Mexico, 2012). This is because every individual has unique needs, strengths, and relationships that should be addressed. The provision of strong health care services requires high levels of competency and professionalism with a major focus on the quality of life and the quality of care given to the residents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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