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Assertive Community Treatment At Medical Center - Essay Example

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Mental Health Intensive Case Management teams are as a result of VHA 2000-034 initiated in 2000. The research project "Assertive Community Treatment At Medical Center" discusses the OKC MHICM program delivery services as intended based on the unmodified facts and grading criteria…
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Assertive Community Treatment At Medical Center
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Download file to see previous pages According to the directive, the primary identified roles of MHICM teams include: initiative numerous efforts to reduce symptoms associated with psychiatric problems, ensuring there is increase in global assessment of functioning scores, be able to raise the level of patients’ abilities to complete their daily activities, and also be able to increase the quality of life for the clients, together with treatment needs that results into satisfaction (Rosen, Mueser and Teesson, 2007). The MHICM teams are further helped in accomplishing these tasks through the adoption of specified measure instruments such as the Dartmouth Assertive Community Treatment Scale (DACTS) (Bond and Saylers, 2004). When the teams have appropriated filled the DACTS results, they are required to send the instruments to the Northeast Program Evaluation (NEPEC) which eventually conducts the evaluation of the results (Bond and Saylers, 2004). In most cases, for the MHICM teams to be perceived or regarded successful, they should exhibit an overall fidelity of 4.0 +/- 0.3 score, which when compared to ACT constituter success of the program (Bond and Saylers, 2004).
The ACT has led to the improvement of lives of people who initially demonstrate serious and persistent mental illness (Rosen, Mueser and Teesson, 2007). The model has advocated for the large-scale and holistic promotion of quality recovery and also empowerment of clients through diverse strategies of partnership, self-care, and determination and also an individual choice. At the same time, MHICM continue to play a critical role in ensuring holistic and qualitative care is provided for the diverse victims and that their lives improve in diverse dimensions. Nevertheless, even with these developments, it has been noted that there exists lack of or inadequate research work, which can be used by directors to have clear guidance on how well individual MHICM teams function and conducts its activities (Saylers et al., 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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