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Influenza Vaccine - Research Paper Example

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Influenza vaccine Introduction Influenza is a contagious viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract. It can easily be spread from one person to another through respiratory droplets. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, or if one touches a contaminated surface it is likely that he catches the virus (Goldstein, 2004, P.130)…
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Influenza Vaccine Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This is to control the seasonal influenza. Influenza vaccine is justifiable on the scientific and public health debate. The old people who are usually more than 65 of age may be at risk of getting influenza. There is a need to carry out a wide immunization to the aged. However, information available in some countries may be limited. The data have to be shown that the old people are at risk of influenza. This data must be collected and made available on the basis that they can be used relevantly (Steckel, 2007, P.90). The same old group has to be presented the same data so that they can understand that they are at risk. Education is a key for them. They need to know the facts about influenza. Development of projects for stronger promotion of influenza vaccine among the old for both their own benefit, and that of their close care-takers. Offering routine free vaccination to the old encourages them to continue. This can be done by setting up policies that will provide the old a better life when infected with influenza. Financial and administrative barriers should be removed because they prevent the elderly persons from receiving influenza vaccine, use of standing programs should be introduced. Strategies have to be set in place to ensure the implementation of successful influenza vaccine. Personnel projects staff that are to be constituted in each given area and solely be responsible for giving vaccines to the old and the disabled. Self- reporting strategies and data submitted by those are responsible for caring the old people. Giving priorities to the old and the disabled will encourage them rather than letting them act on their own. When it comes to administering the vaccine, the old should be well informed and provided with the necessary support. Those who are close should help encourage the old to take the vaccines and educate them that they will have a less risk of exposure to transmission of influenza. Providing free transport to the aged and help them get the vaccine at a lower cost, encourages them since they have less to struggle. Tracking of vaccines Use of administrative data This can easily be done by issuing labels and leaflets to patients who have been given the vaccine. This will help trace the amount and the use of the vaccine. In other scenarios, the issuer may wish to alter or change the name of the product so that it includes the unique code of the vaccine. Biological data This is done by an expert report or a current expert report. The following data may be used. Sampling and analyzing the composition of the vaccine, and use of clinical trial formula. Sometimes the advancement of the vaccine can be related to the manufacturing formula. This gives the actual formula of the vaccine effects and tracing. The copy of approved specifications of the vaccine can be recorded in a tabular form and then analyzed critically. If the vaccine has some sort of outcome, e.g. the passage level, then the same can be measured. Each of the working effects can be compared to the approved specifications. Stability tastes sometimes is essential for good tracking results. A monthly or an annual stability testing control is sometimes good to adhere. Clinical data A well- revised report or an addendum, which is related to the current expert report, can be used. In other tests of clinical studies, tracking of new vaccine is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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