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Vaccines: does anyone have the right to push you to vaccinate your child - Research Paper Example

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Usually, the aim of the vaccine is to prepare the body for any eventuality that may be caused by such identified disease causing organisms. The mechanism through which vaccines work is such…
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Vaccines: does anyone have the right to push you to vaccinate your child
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Extract of sample "Vaccines: does anyone have the right to push you to vaccinate your child"

Download file to see previous pages This paper shall discuss why schools insist on vaccination, what the vaccine is made of and the effects of vaccine and the effect of vaccination. The thesis statement shall be: although vaccines work differently on different people, it is advisable that every child should receive a vaccination.
Although there are no laws that specifically require that learners have to receive vaccination before joining schools, it has been seen as a good practice. Even so, parents have a responsibility to ensure that they allow their children to receive vaccination. Where deemed necessary, the state may coerce anyone to have their children vaccinated. For schools, probably the practice is to ensure that all learners are adequately protected and that they do not expose other children to risks (Aronson and Shope 56). Some of the common diseases that children should receive vaccination against are mumps, measles, polio, tetanus and rubella. Diphtheria is also another disease against which children must be vaccinated.
The effects of disease in the event of a breakout are such that other children can easily contract disease from their peers. In the event that some had not been vaccinated, the results could be fatal even after medical intervention. That is because the body usually develops defensive mechanism after a little while such that any late intervention may not work. It is because of this that schools require vaccination so they may complement the efforts of childcare as enshrined in various clauses of the child rights act. Many schools do so by providing a list of vaccines that parents ought to ensure that their children are vaccinated against before being enrolled (Sears 73). Therefore, children that are enrolled in daycare, childcare, kindergarten and elementary have to be vaccinated. For those enrolling in high school, K-12 and upper education, it is important to confirm that they had received relevant vaccinations are the required stages. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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