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Planning Care Name: Institution: Planning Care Nursing refers to the process of providing professional healthcare mainly on taking care of people, families and societies in the focus of that they maintain attain or recover from health complications and maintenance of the quality of life from the time of conception to death (Alligood and Tomey, 2002)…
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Planning care
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Download file to see previous pages Various nursing care plans can be applied in the health care of a patient but selection on which plan to use can be best stated according to the type of medical conditions of the patient or type of health care conditions requested for. Patient’s introduction Mrs. Mary johns is 72 years old woman admitted at the health care facility after suffering a stroke at her home. She lives with her 45 years old daughter. The patient brought in by the daughter after resuscitation after suffering a minor stroke. The daughter being the only member of the family and has to work long hour shifts to support her mother fears for life and well being of the mother. This prompted her to check in the mother at the facility for more investigations and better care as she recovers as opposed to staying at home alone as the daughter goes to work. Apart from the daughter signing her mother in at the facility, the mother is fully responsive, and she also mutually agreed to be brought into care it the facility. The condition and agreement is to investigate the sole cause of the minor stroke and nurture her back to her normal health condition prior to the stroke (Taylor and Lillis, 2001). Orem self care model This is a self care deficit theory proposed by Orem in self care providence, and it is a combination of the theory of self care, self care deficit, and nursing systems. In the theory, of self care it details self care as the activities carried out by an individual to maintain their self health condition. While self care agency refers to the acquired to perform an individual’s self care self care activities and highly determined by various basic conditions such as the individual’s family system, age and health care system among others (George, 2000). The third Orem’s theory of self care is the therapeutic, self care demand. This is the totality of all the self care measures required for such an individual. The carrying out of self care is to ensure the fulfillment of the self care requisites of which there are three main types of self care requisites such as developmental, universal and deviation self care requisites. Through a full assessment, of the patient by the health care giver the deficit identified. Upon this identification, of the deficit or need, the nurse then selects the most appropriate nursing systems to provide care. These are partly compensatory, wholly compensatory, or educative and supportive systems. The health care given to the individual in accordance to the total degree of deficit or want the patient is showing of and once the health care provided the total nursing activities and the use of nursing systems for the case are to be evaluated to allow am assessment of whether the mutually planned objective met or not. Care planning A nursing care process described as being cyclical made up of various interconnecting elements and having a dynamic nature. It has been for long been an accepted feature of nursing care planning used in conjunction with selected nursing models. It facilitates evidence based care nursing, consistency and enables the application of correct and updated health care providence care documentation. The care planning nursing process consists of four supremely distinct phases. Each phase holds a vital role in the health care planning strategy while still being independent on functioning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Planning Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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