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Caring for the Populations Part 2 ( Community Health Nursing ) - Research Paper Example

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Youth against AIDS Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Summary of the “Youth against AIDS” flyer In this flyer, the target group is the youths in the Florida state of the United States. These youths are being targeted, because findings show that they engage in numerous risk activities…
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Caring for the Populations Part 2 ( Community Health Nursing )
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Download file to see previous pages 3), thus the essence of this focus group. The Florida state university is an appropriate location for the focus group, since most of these youths are students. The youths need to intermingle and share their experiences, in order to, fully appreciate the purpose of the group. The university is easy to get to by road, and there are numerous learning institutions, whose youths will be attracted to the group. These flyers will be distributed in learning institutions, churches, residential areas, and social places to ensure that every youth in the community learns about the focus group. This is because; these are the areas that are mostly frequented by the youth and word will spread quickly. This focus group seeks to learn from the youth; the reasons why they engage in risky behaviors, what problems the youth face, how much they know about HIV/AIDS and how it has implicated their well being in many ways. The attendees will benefit from the focus group through being educated on how to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS. The focus group will also give incentives such as iPods and tickets to social events to the attendees, as a way of motivating them to join and stay in the group. References Underage Drinking in Florida: The Facts, (2009). ...
at the Florida State University for an eye-opening session on youths and HIV/AIDS awareness issues. Free tickets to the Florida Strawberry Festival for the first 50 people!!! HOSTED BY TAMRA CARLEY: SCHOOL ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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