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Evidence and Overview Name: Institution: Evidence and Overview A nurse faces a lot of tasks such as taking care of the sick persons and ensuring that they are comfortable. Because of this, a nurse should always be dedicated to his or her work. In addition, a safe and conducive environment should also be available to make the patients feel safe and comfortable whenever they visit a health institution…
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Evidence and Overview Evidence and Overview A nurse faces a lot of tasks such as taking care of the sick persons and ensuring that they are comfortable. Because of this, a nurse should always be dedicated to his or her work. In addition, a safe and conducive environment should also be available to make the patients feel safe and comfortable whenever they visit a health institution. Therefore, some goals and actions need to be invented to ensure that the operations of the health organization run smoothly. For this to happen, the set goals should be followed to improve the services offered in the health centers. In this paper, we will look at four of those goals that if implemented, will promote the productivity and enhance the performance of the health organization. Goal One: Improvement of Communication and Relationship Building Goulston (2000) suggests that substantial communication can make the impossible possible. He emphasizes that effective communication needs to be enhanced. In the context of health care environment, the healthcare provider needs to improve the communication skills with the co-workers so as to work as a team. This will encourage them to improve their services to patients and ease their work. Good communication with co-workers is a crucial requirement and services offered will show the effect of persuasive communication, as a result of successful performance. Together with the other health departments, the services delivered to the patient shall be effective and satisfactory due to improvement of communication skills. So as, to achieve this goal, the staff needs to undergo training to equip them with communication skills. They need to be enlightened even on how to control anger to avoid conflicts with each other. Also, a forum for guidance and counseling should be available. It is recommended because some staff may be facing some problems at their homes. The counseling will help them. A stressed or depressed staff cannot manage to work efficiently. This brings conflict as the co workers fail to understand his or her situation. Smart Goal Two: Patient Care Management More duties need to be delegated so that all patients get the best care, and the nurses need supervision to avoid any misunderstanding. From observation, many healthcare institutions lack managerial supervision that could enhance their performance. This, at times, leads to complications. Most patients do not get the best care of as it should be, and some might die without medical attention. This is a clear indication that close monitoring is a fundamental requirement to keep progress in check. The duties assigned to the staff will increase, and instructions will be followed as an indication that their focus is on attaining the goals. Additionally, the goals will be attained at the set time frame. The relevance of this is to focus on the other set goals. The accomplishment of all this delegated duties is to allow them to perform other duties, not assigned to them (Goulston, 2000. However, the staff should not be overloaded. They need to be assigned work that they can handle. If there is too much pressure on the staff, then the goals will not be attained. More qualified workers should be employed to avoid overloading the staff. Employing more workers will be beneficial to the patients too as they will be cared for. Also, more duties shall be delegated. Smart Goal Three: Strategic Planning After obtaining positive results, there is a need to open other health institutions in other locations. To accomplish this, first there is the need look at the effectiveness and success of this strategy and what is needed to open the new branch. The success of this strategy will be observed if a new branch is successfully opened, and legally registered. Available resources are to be used. For the institution to run well, good relationship with customers is to be considered (Goulston, 2000). The institution should try obtaining support from the government and other organizations for them to attain this goal. Available resources need to be managed without misusing them to avoid any shortage. The location that the institution plans to open a new branch should be considered. The location of a business matters a lot. Smart Goal Four: Organizational Performance Every institution or organization is measured by its performance. In this case, organizational performance is the resulting outcome of the efforts of the workers in an organization to achieve its goals. It is, therefore, pertinent to note that the outcome of the services should reflect the performance. Hence, if the outcome registered is positive, it means that the performance of the staff was excellent. If the staff understands the work, then one can measure the success. Improvement of the outcome will benefit the society as a whole (Goulston, 2000). Good organizational performance can be registered if all workers co-operate and get to be organized. The workers should learn to dedicate themselves to the patients. The patients should feel the appreciation and love from the staff. Work done by each staff member needs evaluation by the end of every week. This can aid in coming up with a way of helping those workers whose work registers are negative. The healthcare organization also needs to motivate their staff by taking them for a trip or awarding them. This will motivate them to work hard. This can lead to satisfactory performance as workers will feel appreciated. Reference Goulston, M. (2000). Discover the Secret to Getting Through Absolutely Anyone. New York: United Publishers. Read More
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Evidence & Literature Overview Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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