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Transition on Nurses’ Role Introduction There are certain nursing responsibilities for every medical procedure which play a critical role in enhancing the functions of a transitioning newly qualified nurse. Essentially, this paper tackles these different medical procedures with a special emphasis on Immediate Life Support…
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Transition on Nurses Role
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Download file to see previous pages Last and most importantly, it asserts that every single step in the transition process is important to becoming an effective newly qualified nurse. Immediate Life Support and Its Overall Importance Immediate Life Support (ILS) was a program designed in UK to provide the newly qualified nurse the skills to manage cardiac arrest and other medical emergency procedures during his or her transition in a clinical setting (Resuscitation Council, 2011). This particular training is already mandatory for newly qualified nurses as they become hospital staffs (Cole, 2008). This training is also intended to comply with the mandatory levels of life supports, the so-called ‘Chain of Survival,’ which requires them to attend to patients during emergencies (Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Resuscitation Training Department, 2010). Often closely associated with Advanced Life Support (ALS), the ILS equips healthcare professionals with ALS algorithm, defibrillation, airway management and ventilation, circulation support, and post-resuscitation care. Also, it trains them with the causes and prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest and the use of ABCDE approach. More so, it helps them manage patients in case of cardiopulmonary arrest until resuscitation team arrives, and to be able to provide support as a member of such team (Resuscitation Council, 2010). ...
lso show that the knowledge and skills acquired by the students in the course of learning the ILS techniques improved their clinical practice (Gallagher and Traynor, 2011). This goes to show that Immediate Life Support course is indeed very crucial in the transition phase of newly qualified nurses. Transition Phase This phase is one of the most complicated phases in the nursing profession. For one, it causes anxiety, which is said to be caused by “perceived lack of knowledge and support” evident in one experimental study (Whitehead, 2001, pp. 330-339). In addition, it is also during this phase that the newly qualified nurse is expected to experience “transition shock.” Nevertheless, it is still a very important stage because it provides an opportunity for skills enhancement and knowledge. Moreover, nurses are also able to enhance their knowledge and reinforcement during this phase (Duchscher, 2008), thus, a very crucial portion of their medical practice. Essential Components of Immediate Life Support and Its Importance on the Transition of a Newly Qualified Nurse 1. ALS Algorithm Firstly, algorithm of ALS is conducted to monitor the electrical activity of the heart with the aid of cardiac monitor. After evaluating cardiac arrhythmia, nurses had to decide whether defibrillation is applied or medication administered. Some of the medicines that could be given include adrenaline, calcium, and magnesium, so as with saline or colloids to improve circulation. On the other hand, oxygen is administered and endotracheal intubation in order to secure the airway (Resuscitation Council, 2010). Basically, conducting ALS algorithm, as part of ILS, is essential because it facilitates airway management and the constant monitoring of the heart. In case irregularities arise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transition on Nurses' Role Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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