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This paper "Role Transition from LPN to RN" describes the process of transiting from a licensed practice nurse to a registered nurse. In the paper, describe the goals that have motivated me to continue with my nursing education to become a registered nurse.
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Role Transition from LPN to RN
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Download file to see previous pages LPN and RN practice have several similarities and differences in terms of how they are undertaken. LPN practice has fewer skills compared to the RN practice. For example, what a registered nurse can be allowed to undertake in his practice is different from what a licensed practice nurse can be allowed to undertake in his practice. This is because of the limitation in the skills that a licensed practice nurse is required to develop before being allowed to practice. The functions of LPN practice and RN practice are identical. The functions performed by the licensed practice nurse are almost identical to function performed by a registered nurse in their day-to-day practice. Both the LPN and RN implement the nursing process in the delivery of nursing care and also administer treatment authorized by an authorized prescriber. This indicates that the functions of RN and LPN practices are identical.
Licensed practice nurse is not allowed to give instructions but to follow instructions of the registered nurse and doctors. A good example is being required to administer nursing care services only when instructed by a registered nurse. This indicates that this nursing practice has no leadership responsibilities. LPN roles also lack peer relationship. Peer relationship is exhibited when individuals within the same level of practice are allowed to work together and share knowledge and experience in order to improve their effectiveness. Licensed practice nurses are not allowed to function without instructions from a registered nurse or a doctor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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