Improving the General Health of People with Learning Disabilities - Essay Example

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Name : xxxxxxxxxxx Institution : xxxxxxxxxxxx Title : IMPROVING THE GENERALHEALTH OF PEOPLE WITH LEAERNING DISABILITIES Tutor : xxxxxxxxxxx Course : xxxxxxxxxxxx Date : xxxxxxxxxxxx ABSTRACT An outsized numeral of people in the world live with learning disabilities that increases their common morbidity, causes a high case of epilepsy, brings about communication difficulties and other common related health issues…
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Improving the General Health of People with Learning Disabilities
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Download file to see previous pages The mental health, consequences of behavior on health and epilepsy management of these patients is focused mostly by psychiatrics who addresses the discrepancy in clinical health and practices. Introduction Inequalities in health status The achievement of better health is an apposite goal for all, including those with learning disabilities. Characters with learning disabilities are heterogeneous in nature and exhibits needs that vary. The impact of environmental and social factors on health matters is definitely bigger in these groups. Gates (2009) Improved health is likely to improve the quality of lives of the families and individuals of the affected population, thus the need to remove great differences between those learning with disabilities and the public population will be strong. I will in this article discuss the areas that need to be improved for the learning-disabled which are high in disparities among healthy care related matters. Some of these include: A distinction in health as a result of increased mortality, morbidity, rise in negative decider of health such as increased poverty and a variation in health care as a result of unequal and inequality of health services to the learning-disabled.(Fraser 1998:293) I will focus on the issues and details that must be considered in order to make the necessary improvements in health matters. I consider tackling five areas in particular, which include: health needs the disparity in health, barriers to better health, health provision in primary care and fully addressing the disparity in the health care for the learning-disabled. Disparity in health The issue of indifference of health care Gates (2009) must be addressed in order to reach an appropriate development in health to the same level of health care that the public population enjoys. Inequalities in health care and access were an issue of health disparity in the past, as minor ethnic groups were the most affected between the population and the groups in health care facilities. Recently, Surgeon (2002) has focused their interest on disparity for those with learning disabilities. This concept adds a spotlight to the appropriate planning of services. However some difficulties are present particularly when intending to allow for the effects of etiology of the recipients disability on any obvious disparity. For instance, Gates (2009) relentless advances in accident prevention measures, in treatment induced abnormalities and cases of epilepsy may cause a reduction in disparity in various groups among the population. Health needs Welsh (1996) suggest that citizens with learning disabilities have mutual specific and general health needs. This should be provided within the primary health care environment. Common morbidities occur at greater frequencies that arise from professional health needs that are related with definite medical conditions. The conditions are not one of their kinds to individuals with learning disabilities as they have a high prevalence in the population resulting in an important part of health assessment. This has brought to the table that a consensus can be of; sensory deficit, epilepsy and disturbance in the behavior and psychology among the learning-disa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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