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Explain the principles of regulation for professional practice. (Compile a report that compares and contrast the principles of r - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction The social and nursing fields are both concerned with giving care to the community. These two professions fall under the health department, but are governed by different authorities (Hothersall and Bolger, 2010). This report examines and critically evaluates the differences and similarities between social services and nursing in Scotland…
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Explain the principles of regulation for professional practice. (Compile a report that compares and contrast the principles of r
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Extract of sample "Explain the principles of regulation for professional practice. (Compile a report that compares and contrast the principles of r"

Download file to see previous pages This is done for the purpose of establishing whether the professions allow their workers to advance their careers. The clinical framework governing these fields has been examined to evaluate their practices and the impacts of their activities to the profession and society. The report also describes the codes of conduct followed in these fields along with the ethical issues affecting them. The professional boundaries between these two fields has been given for the purpose of distinguishing their scope of operation. Professional Education and Registration From the year 2004, the minimum professional qualification for a person who wanted to join social work in Scotland was a social work honors degree or an award in postgraduate education. Professional workers in the social services sector are registered by the Scottish Social Service Council (SSSC). This council was established under the act on regulation of care in the year 2001 in Scotland (Park, Murray and Delaney, 2006). Other people who are interested with being registered as expert social workers by the council must have certificates that are recognizable by their relevant authorities (Scott, 2005). In the nursing field, the minimum qualifications a person must have before he or she can become a fully registered nurse in Scotland come in several stages. He or she must first undergo a compulsory three year training program. They take a specialization course that lasts for two years out of the three years according to their various fields. On completion of their course, they are registered with the council on Nursing and midwifery that serves under the National Health Service (NHS). The order of 2001 on midwifery and nursing practices hands power to the National Council on Midwifery. Principles of the Profession Social work is guided by the principles stating that social workers must keep and promote the safety, preferences, confidentiality along with the prospective people using these services. They should do this while maintaining a check between the use of the social services and their conservation. They are required to treat all the people as equal while valuing their uniqueness and diversities (Linsley, Kane and Owen, 2006). They should additionally maintain the trust of the public along with their confidence in the communal services. These principles are prescribed in their practice code that was generated by the Council of Social Services in Scotland. The principles guiding the nursing field in Scotland on the other hand, are their commitment to providing superior quality care that is centered on their patients and clients. They should show commitment towards the creation of new responsibilities supporting the connections between health and community care. The nurses are required to continuously apply their knowledge and skills to their practice while committing themselves to working with other experts or agencies (Currie, 2005). Lastly, the nurses are required to show commitment towards promoting the quality of their patient’s experiences and safety. The nursing field is charged with the responsibility of developing education programs that aim at modernizing the careers of nurses. Continuous Professional Development The body dealing with the standardization of education in social work is responsible for setting the skills, information and understanding of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Explain the Principles of Regulation for Professional Practice Essay)
Explain the Principles of Regulation for Professional Practice Essay.
“Explain the Principles of Regulation for Professional Practice Essay”, n.d.
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