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Promotion of Stroke and Heart Diseases - Research Paper Example

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Promotion of stroke and heart diseases {Insert {Insert 13th November, 2011. Abstract Stoke and heart diseases are some of the modern day diseases that affect individuals regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and race. However, studies have pointed out that these diseases are easier to prevent than to manage…
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Promotion of Stroke and Heart Diseases
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Extract of sample "Promotion of Stroke and Heart Diseases"

Download file to see previous pages This essay therefore explores the aforementioned elements in detail. Promotion of stroke and heart diseases Stroke and heart diseases are the third and the first reported diseases respectively that result into high death rate in both men and women in the United States of America. Additionally, they are considered to be the major widespread and high cost diseases that most nations have to deal with. However, it is important for citizens to take the initiative in order to prevent these particular diseases. This is because these type of diseases can be easily prevented and thus reduce the death rates caused by the same. According to research carried out by Smoller et al (2007) 33.6 % of total number of deaths that occurred in the United States of America were as a result of either stroke or other forms of heart diseases. Statistics further indicates that 150,000 deaths that occurred in 2007 in American were individuals below the age of 65. Moreover the aforementioned diseases not only cause death but also disability with more than 4 million cases in the United States has been caused by the same. ...
merica (Smoller et al., 2007).Therefore, treatment of both stroke and heart diseases impacts negatively on the funds and other resources of the country’s health care scheme. However, over the past years the rate of death caused by stroke and heart related illness has reduced considerable in the United States of America. Therefore, it is expected to reduce even further by 2020. However, among certain populations the incidences of the diseases in addition to death rates have remained high. For instance it has been reported that the diseases is commonly prevalent among certain ethnic and racial groups to be specific individuals living in South Eastern regions of the United States of America and those who experience low social economic status. A study carried out by Smoller et al (2007) indicated that African Americans are at a risk of dying from cardiovascular disease as compared to their white counterparts. Additionally, the percentage of women diagnosed with stroke annually is higher than that of men. Moreover, another study carried out by Karasek (1996) reported that American Indian and natives from Alaska have reported high percentage of premature deaths as a result of heart diseases as compared to other ethnic or racial groups in the United States of America. It is important to note that stroke and other forms of heart diseases are easier to prevent rather than to treat. Therefore individuals need to lead a positive lifestyle (Karasek, 1996).Tobacco smoking is one of the factors that can increase the chances of one suffering from either heart disease or stroke. Hence individuals are encouraged to stop smoking. Moreover, people should have a healthy weight and ensure that they are physically active (Kawachi et al., 1994). More importantly, it is important for people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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