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Six Dimensions of Health - Essay Example

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An essay "Six Dimensions of Health" claims that an individual is not referred to as healthy if he is living a life without any health issues, rather he is taking measures to ensure that he/she remains mentally and physically fit. There were various key individuals who researched the topic of wellness…
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Six Dimensions of Health
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Extract of sample "Six Dimensions of Health"

Download file to see previous pages Bill Hettler  manufactured a wellness model recognized as the six dimensions of wellness model. According to this model, there are six dimensions of wellness; these include social, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and spiritual dimensions (Hales, 2001, p.9). According to Dr. Bill Hettler, all these dimensions contributed to the well being of an individual. Emotional wellbeing According to Hettler, the emotional wellness refers to the degree to which an individual has an optimistic viewpoint about himself and is passionate about his life. A person is said to be emotionally fit if he accepts the availability of different feelings inside him and feelings inside others. This individual does not experience issues while expressing his emotions and is aware of how to control his emotions. This individual has the ability to take decisions in accordance with his feelings, believes, attitudes and behaviors. These people gain awareness about different stressors available in his work and personal environment and e even develops ways of managing these stressors. Stressors in an individual’s work environment include time stressors and situational stressors. Time stressors are caused due to less time availability and heavy workload. Situational stressors include changes in the environment. An emotionally fit individual has the ability to manage time and adapt to changes in his environment. An emotionally fit individual has the ability to work on his own and to work as a part of a team. If an individual is not emotionally fit he might experience difficulties in adjusting to a team and he may prefer working alone. Teams are of great importance to any organizations and organizations give more preference to those individuals who can work with teams. A person who is not emotionally fit might not be accepted by organizations because of his inability to cope with teams. An individual is not completely fit if he has attained emotional wellness, individuals need to be fit in other dimensions of wellness to be pronounced as healthy. Intellectual wellbeing Intellectual wellness refers to an individual’s ability to obtain information from various experiences. A person is intellectually fit if he is ready to take new challenges and if he is able to obtain and analyze new information. Organizations give great preference to those who are ready to learn new things and take new challenges. This is because organizations are facing changes very rapidly and only those people are considered fit for an organization that is ready to accept and adapts to those changes. Organizations do not give preference to those who lack these abilities as organizations themselves cannot perform well if they avoid change. A person who is intellectually fit has the ability to learn new things; he uses this ability by implementing newly learned things to his workplace. The activity of learning new things enhances the skills and abilities of an individual. Such an individual can perform various tasks and can become an important member of any team. Physical wellbeing An individual is referred to as physically fit if he becomes a part of physical activities which helps in the enrichment of his physical existence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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