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Qualitative Processes - Research Paper Example

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Research processes RESEARCH PROCESSES Research Processes Qualitative Study What are the lived experiences of patients who have been discharged after knee arthroscopy? This is a study of the views of patients who have undergone knee arthroscopy surgery in this institution…
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Qualitative Research Processes
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Download file to see previous pages This, being an easier method, has been opted for by me, a nurse who is still a novice. The phenomenological design has been selected as I would be studying the lived experiences of the post-operative patients. Data collection would be a continuous process till saturation is reached. Transcripts and audio-tapes would accompany the written data or oral data. Researcher bias will not be allowed to distort the picture of the lived experiences. The credibility of the study will not be interfered with. Readers will be able to follow the research all through in a systematic manner. The reality experienced by the participants would be related wherever possible in their words more like a narrative or story. The richness and meaning of the findings would be complete as no editing would be done by the researcher. The possibility of interactions deviating away from the focus would be prevented. The information may be collected at more sittings. The participant would be given all liberty to speak and convey his experiences. The researcher would be faithful to the research and focus on the reality of the experiences. Data analysis would consist of looking through every line of the data and selecting prominent phrases or thoughts of experiences. Constant comparative analysis would elicit lesser and lesser categories which could be selected for themes. The significance of the study is that reliable information would be obtained about the changes the surgery has made in the lives of the patients. The quality of care accorded in the hospital could be inferred and the results of the surgery would be available. Whether the surgery has eased the strain of knee problems would be an essential component. Information may be studied for loopholes in the surgery or hospital stay and efforts made to plug these loopholes. The final aim is to raise the quality of patient care. Quantitative study. Evaluation of patient satisfaction following cataract surgery in co-relationship to the information about the surgery provided prior to surgery. It would be appropriate to use the quantitative method for a descriptive study for evaluating the relationship or association between two things or variables. Here the possible variables would be the prior information concerning cataract surgery provided to the patients before the actual surgery and the other would be the patient satisfaction after the surgery. The study would evaluate whether patients undergoing cataract surgery were informed earlier, whether the level of information was sufficient and if they were satisfied with it. Lack of provision of information could lead to patient dissatisfaction. The purpose is to co-relate the information provided before cataract surgery (independent variable) to the patient satisfaction (dependent variable) after it. This would be a descriptive audit study which provides the association between patient satisfaction and information provided and patients would be measured only once. The effectiveness of the information prior to surgery will be evaluated against the level of patient satisfaction. The hypothesis that would be proposed is: “Information provided prior to cataract surgery will improve the level of satisfaction after it”. The sample would be the 40 patients in the post-operative ward in the eye department where I work. Bias would not be a problem as all the patients would be selected. A questionnaire with appropriate questions would be used for interviews. Threats ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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