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Truama room nurse - Essay Example

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Trauma room nurse Name Institution Job description Nursing involves a wide range of jobs ranging from calmer jobs that entail office work to more demanding jobs. Some of the jobs require quick-thinking skills and the ability to evaluate incidences. One of the most significant certification that is crucial in saving lives is trauma nursing certifications…
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Truama room nurse
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Download file to see previous pages The trauma room nurse certification helps the nurses to acquire essential skills, such as ways to stop excessive blood loss, and methods of stabilizing a critically affected patient. Trauma room nurses should also be able to prevent secondary infections. In a health facility, there is a high likelihood for patients with life-threatening issues to contract other illness. Patients with open injuries and those with weakened immune systems should be monitored closely to prevent farther infections (Andreassi, 2006). Education and certification Dealing with trauma is a technical issue which requires authenticated certification. One is required to train and acquire the professional skills required to accomplish all the responsibilities. One of the important qualifications of a trauma nurse room is the nursing certification. This certification entails a wide range of skills that are crucial for a trauma nurse room. The certifications range from two years to ten years depending on the skills that one intends to acquire. I am experienced in surgical nursing for more than ten years majorly in neurosurgical and burn intensive care unit. In the nursing department, I have come to realize that most health care institutions offer a reasonable rate of salary to the nurses (Andreassi, 2006). Although salaries may vary from one institution to another, the rate seems to have a minimum range of between $20 and $24. This applies to those nurses who belong to the same category depending on their grades and personal experience. Employment The health care department has the most chances of employment opportunities across the world (Briere & Scott, 2006). There are a number of health institutions that one can get a job. For instance, after graduating from a nursing school in the US one can seek employment in the government institutions or privately owned institutions. The government owned health institutions include St Paul Medical Centre which is located at Minnesota in the US and Westmead hospital (Andreassi, 2006). There are also open chances for one to get employment opportunities in a nongovernmental organization like AMREF, WHO, Red Cross and St Andrews ambulance among many others. These organizations assist patients in different ways. WHO as a non-governmental organization help in providing food to those people cannot meet their daily requirements as food (Andreassi, 2006). The Red Cross helps to provide humanitarian needs to people who are affected by natural calamities or other accidents. In this department, there are many possibilities for one to advance both academically and salary wise (Briere & Scott, 2006). The nursing certificate holders take the shortest time possible to complete their course. Because of the nature of the training, they are given the lowest salary followed by diploma holders and the degree holders in the same order (Follette & Ruzek, 2006). This indicates that professional experiences increase in the same line with the salary earned. As one progress to gain higher knowledge, the salary also increases. The nursing schools have the capacity to train and offer advancement opportunities to all practitioners to enable them deal with patients efficiently. There are also workshops that help educate the nurses on the best scientific nursing practices. For instance, AMREF ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Truama Room Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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