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Evidence of achievement - Essay Example

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A Summary of Progress concerning the Eight Domains of Mentorship 1.) a. A mentor in the purest sense acts as a trusted ally and adviser typically older and with greater professional advancement. The mentor demonstrates responsibility for the development of a younger professional; instrumental in the process of education as in the context of the truest root of the word 'educere', to bring out from within…
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Evidence of achievement
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Download file to see previous pages b. An understanding of work preferences is integral to developing a bond of understanding between the student, the mentor and the demands of the nursing profession itself. In addition to the outgrowth of trusting working relationships among professionals, the mentorship development program provides a 'safety net' to blunt the consequences of learners' errors. This supervision allows me to learn from my mistakes safely, while at the same time advancing to greater positions of responsibility to achieve integration. c. During internship, the practicalities of classroom fundamentals come into play as a physical reality. While it has long been said that hands-on training is the only means to achieve true comprehension of a functional task; having the intellectual background provides a stronger basis for 'jumping in' to new learning environments. It gives my supervisor-mentor an easier point of reference to begin the induction to new departments, and new learning environments as needed. ...
If the student has already completed a portion of a structured training program, and as the student progresses, the mentor will gain an appreciation for learning style, and be able to tailor instruction accordingly. b. Learning strategies are integral to academic success; but largely come from within the self, from the student's self-determination to advance themselves towards the purpose of becoming a true nursing professional. Having the added experience of having once been a beginner at the task at hand, the professional mentor has the ability to advise, and assist in the deployment of these strategies in a way that meshes most effectively with the particular demands of the position. c. A good mentor will be experienced with the inner workings of the learning process as it pertains to the nursing position at hand, and will be able to reflect on their own needs, questions, and uncertainties when the mentor was new at the position. This lets an effective supervisor-mentor to devise impromptu tests, questions, and brief quizzes, with no fore-knowledge of what was challenging for them personally. A strategy personally useful in learning is when the mentor/instructor gives a lesson, or hands-on demonstration followed by an immediate quiz. c. 3.) a. Professional growth is intertwined with personal growth within a modern nursing environment, as the student grows into a more complete person on an individual level, who becomes therefore also a competent nursing professional. Mentorship/supervision is essential in that it allows a safer means for the student to perform real medical procedures and care to gain an appreciation for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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