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Stressors and Anxiety in the Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - Research Paper Example

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Running head : STRESSORS AND ANXIETY IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING CORONARY SURGERY STRESSORS AND ANXIETY IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING CORONARY ARTERY SURGERY NAME UNIVERSITY Introduction Nowadays most people around the world face cardiovascular problems and hence have to undergo bypass surgery…
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Stressors and Anxiety in the Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
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Extract of sample "Stressors and Anxiety in the Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages The anxiety associated with the surgery exists in the post period of the surgery as well. Although many patients projected low level of anxiety and stress before surgery many have experienced borderline or clinically significant levels of anxiety before surgery. It is noticed that people has more stress and anxiety before surgery have poor outcomes than people having lower level of stress and anxiety. The patients undergoing heart surgeries are exposed to high risk and this could be the reason for the anxiety and stress in them. Normally anxiety increase in patient before cardiac surgery but return to normal level after six month of the surgery. Patients with high anxiety and stress before the surgery is exposed to mortality risk during surgery. It is seen that anxiety level is acute in patients about to undergo cardiac surgery and people with extreme stress are advised to give clinical support .The anxiety is normally high in patient who has death in their family due to heart failure. Stress may occur because of increased stress and anxiety related to the forthcoming surgery. Anxiety and stress usually increase with the admission in hospital and impending surgery. The stress and anxiety before surgery People are stressed and anxious before surgery thinking about the complication during the surgery and recovery failure. According to (Scott,2009)“Having surgery can bring a lot of stress. ...
People are advised breath taking exercises to relax the body and this can reduce the body’s response to stress. Breath taking exercise can stop the physiological response of the body due to stress and reverse the procedure. The stressful experience occurs in the mind and what we think stressful can trigger anxiety and stress in people on thinking about it. Studies have shown that people who are stressed in everyday life are more prone to stress before surgery. The pain during surgery and post surgery can lead to major stress among patients. Patients and their family are usually given educational support and assistance before the surgical event. Stress of the patients can be reduced if they are given complete information about the surgery in simple words.Moslty, the surgeons and nurses does not get adequate time to spend with the patients in order to pacify or console them before surgery. In real, surgeons should listen to the queries of the patients and guide them in proper manner to reduce their stress and anxiety. It is found that women are more stressed than men before cardiac surgery. As per (Desborough,2000,pg.109-117) “The stress response to surgery is characterized by increased secretion of pituitary hormones and activation of the sympathetic nervous system”Mostly people who have stress before surgery also might be facing problems in their daily life too. Having a health problem itself is a stressful issue and on above that open heart surgery can increase the risk factor. Patients are stressful before the CABG procedure as they are uncertain about the outcome of the heart surgery. Pain is the main cause of stres in patient and this can be overcome by the appliance of appropriate pain management program. Patients are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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