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The writer of the essay "Pros and Cons of Chip Implantation in Humans" suggests that there is something evil about the mere thought of getting any sort of computerized implant under the skin of a human being. The information contained within the chip can be used to steal a person's identity…
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Pros and Cons of Chip Implantation in Humans
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Pros and Cons of Chip Implantation in Humans
There is something evil about the mere thought of getting any sort of computerized implant under the skin of a human being. It calls to the imagination devious ways and means that the information contained within the chip can be used to steal a person's identity in order to commit crimes that they can get away with simply because it can be attributed to someone else. It would seem that those who drafted the Obama Health Care plan failed to take privacy and security into consideration when they pushed no, railroaded this controversial healthcare plan fro congressional approval. According to These Last Days News (2011) those who opt for public health care will have to be implanted with the chip because :
The adults who choose to have a chip implanted are the lucky (yes, lucky) ones in this case. Children who are "born in the United States who at the time of birth is not otherwise covered under acceptable coverage" will be qualified and placed into the CHIP or Children's Health Insurance Program (what a convenient name). With a name like CHIP it would seem consistent to have the chip implanted into a child. Children conceived by parents who are already covered under the public option will more than likely be implanted with a chip by the consent of the parent. Eventually everyone will be implanted with a chip.
The RF ID or CHIP is supposed to help lessen or eliminate the cases of medical malpractice and prescription errors because these tags will be used to hold the most accurate and up to date health information of an insurance plan holder. But is that really all it is meant to do? What else can be done through manipulation of the chip and the information contained therein?
According to the article “ RFIDs: The Pros and Cons Every Consumer Needs to Know About Radio Frequency Identification Tags” (, 2009):
The potential implications of a microchip that can track an object's movement and location, as well as things like temperature (for food items like milk) and perhaps one day human body functions, medical records, bank account numbers and even how many eggs are left in your refrigerator, are just beginning to be felt.
The reality of the situation is that the microchip implant has already invaded our society through our cashless transactions and cellular phones. It has invaded our medical lives through the use of disposable cameras implanted into medical capsules designed to see our inner bodily functions. It seems that there is no escaping the RFID, it will eventually become a part of our daily lives, more specifically, it will become an integral part of our medical care.
According to Shah Newaz Alam (2011), the medical chip implant in human beings will be highly beneficial in extreme medical emergencies where there are no next of kin or knowleadagble individuals with the patient who was brought in for treatment. He explains:
It can be used for storing a person's medical history. The medical history of a person can be stored in RFID chips. So, if a person is brought into a hospital under serious conditions, it would become extremely useful for the medical practitioner to know the patient's medical history, just by using a scanner that recognizes the RFID chip implanted in that particular person. This was the reason why the US Food and Drug Administration allowed implanting RFID chips in humans.
Certainly a very sound reason for agreeing to have a medical chip implanted under the skin of any human being right? If one thinks about the use of the medical chip and its benefits in these terms, then there is certainly nothing wrong with such an act being implemented on a broad scale among humans.
However, these implants will still run on a Radio Frequency system that can be intercepted and read from afar by unsrcupulous elements who make their living off identity theft. Identity theft, that is the real and main concern when thinking of having a chip implanted. How safe or unsafe are we as individuals after the implant is done? Gemol Charles (2009) argues the disadvantage and danger of having the chip implant on ones person due to the fact that:
This technology is improving every day and is becoming more and more advance in it's capabilities. The chip implant is and will be extremely dangerous to humans, knowing humans in general cannot be trusted with such power! Looking at the pointless wars we fight around the world but then we called our selfs intelligent.
How can we trust that our doctor, his nurse, or receptionist will not sell the information that can easily be scanned off the chip of patients? Credit card companies have safety measures in place in order to protect their clients from identity theft and misuse of individual information. There has been on evidence that such safe guards are in place for the medical chip implants. Until the safety measures have been put in place and passed rigorous testing, it will be hard to convince people that the speed of medical care provided by the implant can outweigh the dangers posed by the microchip implant on a person.

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