Knowledge Synthesis : Part III Synthesis and evidence transfer,Mary Jacob ,Trinity Western University. NURS 520 Rick - Assignment Example

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Knowledge Synthesis Assignment: Part III Synthesis and Evidence Transfer Mary Jacob Trinity Western University Knowledge Synthesis N520 Rick Sawatzky 07-09-2011 Knowledge Synthesis Assignment: Part III Synthesis and Evidence Transfer The knowledge synthesis section of this assignment is designed for in-depth interpretation and evidence discussion from the four chosen articles from Part I…
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Knowledge Synthesis Assignment: Part III Synthesis and evidence transfer,Mary Jacob ,Trinity Western University. NURS 520 Rick
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Download file to see previous pages This question was designed specifically to explore the impact of nursing home admittance on family members of the elderly. It must be noted that this synthesis is a pilot and as such all results found and discussed below cannot be said to be conclusive, but give an overview of the situation as discussed by four scholarly articles. Synthesis of Study Results The first and most important part of data synthesis is to compare the overall findings of each of the studies. In this case, there were various results which give a broad overview of the topic in question. The first article by Sanderson & Meyers (2008) found that almost all of the people surveyed found the decision to put an elderly relative into a nursing home ‘difficult’ (p16) and around half of the people asked found their new parenting role a challenge. The study by Mead et al (2005) focused more on those patients with dementia than those admitted to general care home facilities (p115), and the evidence here was that worsening dementia was not the leading cause of nursing home relocation, and the decision to relocate these patients was again described as ‘difficult’. ...
The final paper by Gladstone et al (2006) also mentioned the word ‘difficult’ (p2) (the one word that seems to seamlessly link all four research articles together in this case) and goes on to elaborate that visiting the loved one in a nursing home can lead to feelings of guilt and be ‘emotionally difficult’ (p4) for the family members. The feelings of guilt associated with this can be due to awkwardness from being placed in the new role, but the main reason cited was guilt related to uprooting the family member from their own home. Having said this, there were two significant synthesized findings, one being the need for emotional adaptation. A clear thread that runs through all these articles is that the family of these elderly people need to adapt to their new role and learn to cope with and eliminate the feelings of ‘guilt’ and ‘grief’ (Gladstone et al, 2006) that come from the admittance of a loved one to such a facility. Due to the qualitative nature of these studies, no correlation co-efficient or similar statistical device could be used in the analysis of the study and thus the synthesis is based upon the general words and emotions that appear in each study. As previously mentioned, the word ‘difficult’ appears in all four studies, and the word ‘guilt’ seems to be a prominent emotion throughout, although it is only explicitly mentioned and discussed in the work of Gladstone et al (2006), and the emotions of emotional turmoil and emotional adaptation as noted above. Discussion From this process I learnt several things. Firstly, the use of the Qari online system for the synthesis of these articles helped me to gain both IT skills and learn a professional way to complete ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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