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This nursing research paper example examines the steps that would be taken to initiate a productive teleconference and considers broader theoretical elements in terms of telehealth. This essay has examined telehealth in the context of an emergency situation. …
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Telehealth Nursing Research
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Download file to see previous pages While teleconferencing or telepsychiatry is generally administered for individuals living in remote locations, it has also been noted to be effective in emergency situations. The current situation is indicative of such a high area need. In establishing the steps that must be taken to arrange a successful psychiatric teleconference the nurse or medical professional must first make an assessment of the patient’s immediate psychiatric need. While the scenario has indicated that the individual has clear psychiatric problems, the extent of these issues is not indicated. In the situation that the patient is able to have control over their actions and make sound decisions then less oversight needs be taken in the interaction between the patient and the psychiatrist. However, if the patient has demonstrated a complete lack of self-care and serious mental impairment, then it will be necessary for the nurse or caregiver to remain present during the teleconference.    The medical room must adhere to patient privacy issues. Even as the situation is an out-of-the ordinary emergency situation, the hospital should have established a teleconferencing room where the patient can speak with the psychiatrist with the feeling of privacy and security. While security is important to the patient for personal matters, it’s also essential to quality psychiatric care in that the patient may be unwilling to disclose needed personal information if they do not feel secure in the teleconferencing environment.  In these regards the nursing professional becomes responsible for creating the proper environment of communication and maintaining the professional nature of the psychiatric meeting based on the patient’s specific psychiatric condition. The next stage of securing an effective telehealth conference is to make contact with the Tri-State health institute. It is unknown whether St. Theresa’s have previously investigated the infrastructure elements of the Tri-State medical establishment of developed a working scenario for situations such as these, but in the instance they haven’t appropriate measures must be taken to establish appropriate connections to achieve optimum efficiency and professionalism. Within this context the nurse must act as a go-between with the two medical establishments.
After the nursing professional has established communication with the Tri-State institute it’s necessary to communicate with the institute the situation. The nurse must then work to establish a timeframe for the psychiatrist to meet with the emergency patient. While telehealth is a relatively new field and approach to medical care, it’s still necessary for the nurse to approach the medical conference as they would a traditional doctor’s appointment. In these regards, after connection has been made with the psychiatrist the patient should be told to wait for the appointment time. In the mean time the room should be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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