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Welfare Distrubution in the United States of America - Research Paper Example

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 Wealthy nations like the United States are all welfare states. They represent industrialist states following judicious measures of socialism. By following such socialism, different institutions are socialized with the purpose of diminution in economic uncertainty…
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Welfare Distrubution in the United States of America
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Extract of sample "Welfare Distrubution in the United States of America"

Download file to see previous pages Education, health or certain other forms of insurance may reduce economic uncertainty. Education and health augment the value of an individual, thus making the population more capable to deal with the economic uncertainty caused by various factors, including the prevailing market conditions. Population may also become more secured through the insurances in health and social issues which precisely cut down the financial costs of uncertainty. (Garfinkel, Rainwater & Smeeding, 2). The welfare state in the United States of America is considered as an “under achiever”. It can be acknowledged from the past data that the social programs initiated by the USA came into exercise much later than several other nations. Currently several important parts of the American welfare state can be considered as inadequately developed, or many essential measures are missing in the system. The United States seems to make lesser expenditure on social programs in comparison to many other democracies. Also, the rates of poverty and inequality are much higher in the United States (Howard, 1). The United States can be recognized as a territory of prospects or opportunities.  However, that also does not imply equality. Nathan Glazer, a professor of sociology and education at the Harvard University, in his argument, commented on United States as the most imbalanced amongst other inexpensively developed countries.  According to statistical data, it can be realized that the United States in comparison to other countries like Europe, redistributes considerably less social benefits.  Such less redistribution are the consequences of greater inequality in income obtained before tax and an indistinct income distribution in the United States. Although the United States is conventional in its political principles, yet it can often be recognized with moderate courses of action in welfare, thus the country clearly representing uniqueness and nonjudgmental processes. (Brunson).       This report is mainly prepared to focus on providing arguments against the distribution of welfare in the United States. There are many views in support of the welfare system in the USA, which reflect that the welfare system in the USA increases economic growth, productivity, and efficiency of the country. (Garfinkel, Rainwater & Smeeding, 1). However this report would bring out certain aspects, which would clearly indicate that the welfare distribution in the United States of America has many negative impacts as well, which are backed by evidences and arguments. The studies and researches previously done on the concerned topic would be taken into consideration and other sources on the welfare distribution in the USA and its effects as provided by different authors would be utilized as sources. The report would bring out the impacts of the present system of welfare distribution prevailing in the United States, thereby providing arguments against the system, and reflecting upon the negative effects of the current system.   Arguments against the Welfare Distribution in the USA:       The government of the United States strictly lacks a widespread and productive welfare system.  On the other hand, the alternative governmental programs seem to be better than the welfare system to a greater extent.   For instance, in the year 1999, a family of three had received remunerations of $164 per month from the welfare services, while the allowance for food stamp for the same family was at $329 per month. Thus, it was economically more rational to take food stamps provided by the alternative government measures instead of receiving welfare benefits.  In the present scenario, food stamps and government housing are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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