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Endometriosis and the way a nurse should provide the patient education in order to make her believe in quick recovery Introduction To begin with, Mrs. Guzman is a 42 year Hispanic woman. She has a pretty good and, above all, a complete family including her husband (15 years living together) and three children…
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In sum, it made Mrs. Guzman unhappy with her life full of pain and bleeding, so to speak. Thus, the manifestations of the disease were quite critical to underline them as temporal. Her state of anxiety got higher over and over again, and that is why Mrs. Guzman has become indifferent in accordance with her former family life. With the long-lasting and very painful menstrual periods, she had to call off from work. It served a prerequisite for having no joyful and warm attitudes toward her husband and children. The only thing making her more or less satisfied is her hobby, namely reading books with colorful pictures. Thus, a specific plan of care and educational needs is to be done by a nurse. Evaluation First and foremost, it is vital to put oneself in Mrs. Guzman’s shoes. All healing words will not do if a nurse is incapable of identifying the verges of the disease. Thus, it is vital to come up with a psychological framework of nurse-patient communication (Orshan, 2007). Endometriosis is a serious disorder requiring serious approach on the part of a nurse: “Sixty to seventy percent of women with endometriosis are nulliparous, and most have family history” (Taylor, 2003, p. 910). Thus, the therapeutic treatment of Mrs. Guzman’s disease requires a step-by-step application of the particular medical interventions. The question is that endometriosis is “rarely life-threatening but frequently becomes life-altering,” as in case of Mrs. Guzman who feels unhappy with her family due to the disease (Taylor, 2003, p. 910). This is why an educational approach will be of great use. Obviously, Mrs. Guzman lacks proper counseling. Thus, it would great if a nurse could come up with an applicable plan serving educational needs of a patient. Thereupon, a nurse has to be aware of a host of educational video as well as audio materials by the most eminent experts on the disease (Ballweg & Association, 2003). It helps to further communicate with the patient regarding her worries. Hence, the patient will verbalize on the severe pain the disease cause her. Here, a nurse is to calm down the patient and provide her with the information on symptomatic and spontaneous remission of endometriosis (Ostrzenski, 2001). It would be useful for Mrs. Guzman, since she would keep herself abreast regarding such issues. Second, clinical follow-up is always a good step for the patient’s reassurance and belief in further effectiveness of cure (Ostrzenski, 2001). The patient will demonstrate a sign of giving credence to a nurse and the medical staff. Thus, communication and medical support merge together to increase the healing effect on the patient. However, the patient will show off her feeling of anxiety every now and then. In this case a nurse has to make Mrs. Guzman busy with some activities. Along with reading books, the diets, phytotherapy, nutritional supplements, natural progesterone therapy, and homeopathic therapy come to decrease the threats of the disease until total recovery (Ostrzenski, 2001). What is more, patient education on endometriosis requires that females are well aware of the pelvic pain to be abnormal due to a bunch of reasons. This is why a nurse needs to pay Mrs. Guzman’s attention to the main patient education points, such as: Explaining the way in which the diagnosis was made (possibly including laparoscopy); Discussing the goals of the therapy (psychological, Read More
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